Zombie Verrückt (German for "Crazy" or "Insane"), also known as the Zombie Asylum or just Verrückt, is one of the new maps available in the first Call of Duty: World at War map pack. It is the second installment of Nazi Zombies, and seems to take place in an Asylum. The map features four vending machines that provide four different Perks; Sleight of Hand , Juggernaut, Double Tap, and a new perk called Quick Revive, as well as electric barriers that delay or weaken zombies. A trailer was unveiled shortly before the downloadable content package containing Verrückt was released.


The MapEdit

The map is much bigger than Nacht der Untoten; there are about 8 more rooms and 3 extra balconies. It is based on the multiplayer map Asylum and the Asylum the Russians navigate in the campaign map Ring of Steel, which is much larger than the Airfield-like bunker. It also has three zombie wall entrance points upstairs on either side of the spawn point, and approximately 16 other windows. To advance towards the power room, 3 to 5 barricades must be opened for 750/1000 points each.

Map Features Edit

There are many similarities to what a real asylum would be like. For example, there is wire netting on the balconies to stop sick people from jumping off. The single player starting point (with the German weaponry) has an operating theater which looks like operations were carried out with utmost brutality,complete with an electric chair. There are blood stains on the wall, and in the kitchen which is initially accessed by the people in the American weapon room, there is writing on the wall. There are strange symbols and what appears to be a headless man drawn in blood, also on the American side is a white tiled room in which is a table covered in blood with a knife sticking out of it, when you enter this room you can hear the laugh of a little girl. Once all rooms are open you will either hear a scream or a laugh.

Rooms Edit

In multiplayer, the players are spawned in rooms separated by a door powered by electricity, which can only be opened once the electricity is restored. The door is bullet proof so you cannot shoot an enemy zombie through the door, even the glass on the door is bullet proof. Windows can be shot through while walls require visual openings to shoot. Staircases and doors have barricades that can be unlocked.

Left Spawn Room:

  • Mystery Box spawn point
  • Contains Jugger-nog vending machine, offline spawning point
  • Openings: 4 windows, 1 staircase, 1 electronic door
  • Weapons: Kar98k, Stielhandgranate, Gewehr 43
  • Unlocks: Left Balcony 1000 points

Left Balcony:

  • Contains Double-Tap Root Beer vending machine, and electric-barrier
  • Openings: 1 window, 1 wall, staircase, 1 door
  • Weapons: Double-Barreled Shotgun, Bouncing Betty x2, MP40, Stielhandgranate
  • Unlocks: Left Upstairs 750 Points
  • Mystery Box spawn point

Left Upstairs:

  • Mystery Box spawn point
  • Openings: 2 windows, 2 doors
  • Weapons: M1897 Trench Gun, STG-44
  • Unlocks: Power Room 1000 points

Right Spawn Room:

  • Contains Revive Soda vending machine
  • Openings: 3 windows, 2 doors
  • Weapons: M1 Garand, Springfield
  • Unlocks: Right Hallway 750 points, Right Back Room 750 points

Right Back Room:

  • Can be able to shoot to Right Hallway
  • Openings: 1 door
  • Weapons: BAR+Bipod

Right Hallway:

  • Mystery box spawn point
  • Openings: 2 windows, 1 wall, 1 door, 1 staircase
  • Weapons: Thompson , Stielhandgranate, Double-Barreled Shotgun
  • Unlocks: Right Balcony 1000 points

Right Balcony:

  • Has electric defenses
  • Openings: 2 windows, 1 wall, 1 staircase, 1 door
  • Weapons: BAR+Bipod, Bouncing Betty x2, M1897 Trench Gun
  • Unlocks: Right Upstairs 750 points

Right Upstairs:

  • Contains Speed Cola vendor
  • Openings: 2 windows, 2 doors
  • Weapons: Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun w/ Grip
  • Unlocks: Power Room

Power Room:

  • Original location of Mystery Box and access to power switch
  • Openings: 1 window, 2 doors
  • Unlocks: Perk Vendors,electronic door at spawn points and electro-shock defenses.

Zombie Behavior Edit

The zombies are smarter, faster and more aggressive than in Nacht Der Untoten. Crawling zombies are sometimes faster than walkers, and seem to be three times faster than in Nacht Der Untoten. Zombie attacks can "down" you after getting hit only once or twice without the Juggernaut perk. They can attack through barricaded windows and climb through them if there are a few planks missing. They also have voices and will scream or yell at you. Certain zombies are also goose-stepping which signifies that some zombies still remember their former lives as Wehrmacht soldiers or Waffen-SS or possibly that was the last and only thing they remembered before they died. Also if you take the time to look at some zombies then you can see surgical marks on their head, possibly some died during surgery and were buried. They also gain strength twice as fast, as if round 1 in Verrückt is the same as round 2 in Nacht Der Untoten, and so on.

The Electric Generator Edit

The electric generator room is located on the second floor across the complex from both spawn points. The room can be accessed after unlocking three rooms on the left spawn point and five rooms on the right spawn point. The electricity is restored by activating a power switch across from the generator in the room. Once the electricity is restored, the door separating the left and right spawn points is unlocked. In addition, the electro-shock barriers on the balconies can also be activated, and players can now purchase perks through the "Perk-a-cola" vending machines. The electric barriers will disintegrate any zombies that pass though them.

However, be warned that the electric barriers can be mixed blessings. Any player that touches one while it is active will automatically be put into Last Stand, unless they have the Juggernaut perk, and cannot be revived unless he is pushed out of the way by a zombie or the defenses shut down. It is possible to continuously revive a player in this situation, but it will drastically increase his downed statistic. Also, any players who are not already on either of the balconies when the barriers are activated will be trapped inside until the power runs out. Finally, there is a delay of roughly one second between a zombie passing through a barrier and its death. This should not be a problem as long as players keep their distance from the barriers.

Also, it costs 1000 points to activate an electric barrier, and they do not last very big a portion of the round (unless you're on solo mode or two player). You don't receive points when a zombie is killed by the electric barrier, so while at this point in the game you should be pretty rich in points, you still have to activate the barriers many times per round and will probably run out of points quickly. It is recommended that, even though it may seem like a waste of precious ammo, before a zombie runs into the electric barrier, shoot at it just for the sake of keeping your points.

Sound Effects Edit

New sound affects have been added in the game, such as character voices, zombie voices, and voice overs when a power-up is activated.

The characters can now speak when they perform a headshot or are revived. Characters that have been revived will usually say comments such as "That was too freaking close!", "I thought I was gonna die!", or "Good as new!". When a character gets a headshot, they might say, "Mind not bleeding on me?!", "I popped his head like a melon!" and "What a shot!". Also, if they kill a zombie with a melee attack, they might shout, "Screw you, maggot-face!", "Want to try that again?", or they may simply shout, "ARGH!!!". The characters will also scream out "The bastards are getting close!" when zombies are entering the building. Zombies now have a tendency to scream out "NO!" or "Why?!" when shot in the head. When a player activates a power-up, a demonic voice-over will scream out the names of the power-ups such as "Insta-Kill" and "Max Ammo". However, the demonic voice-over will whisper "Ka-Boom," when a nuke power-up is activated. In addition, a little girl can be heard laughing when the Mystery Box spawns a bloody teddy bear, and occasionally a demonic voice-over will say "Bye-bye!". The laughing can be heard from any place on the map, alerting all players that the box has moved. When a player buys a Shotgun, they may shout out "This is my Boomstick!" (A reference to Army of Darkness), "Get ready for some point blank pain!", or "Limbs are gonna fly!" and while using it the player becomes very talkative, saying things like "Go to Hell! And stay there!" upon killing a zombie with a shotgun. If the player picks up a machine gun, like an MG42, they may say "Let's see how they like this", "MG!",or "M-fucking-G!". Also, the characters burp after drinking beverages from the perk machines.

To perhaps add to the creepy atmosphere, in the morgue room (near the Quick Revive soda machine), if one crouches near the open containers, you will hear either a baby crying or a woman screaming. It's easier to notice at the beginning of the game when there are less zombies around.

Upstairs on the left side there are some toilets. If you walk up to the one on the far left and hold the reload button the toilet flushes (nothing comes up on screen though). If the toilet is flushed 3 times the song 'Lullaby for a Dead Man' is played.

Also, if you go into the surgery room on the side with the German weapons, crouch next to the small wheel attached to the chair on the left hand side and hit the action button, you will hear a drill and a man screaming.

In multiplayer, there appear to be at least two different character voices, (the standard voice heard in single player, as well as a deeper, more gravely voice) but their lines are almost identical.

Weapon Placement Edit

There are more chalk lined weapon spawns, and the mystery box makes another appearance with a few changes. The Mystery box is originally placed in the power generator room, but if used, a bloody teddy bear may appear, instead of a weapon. The bear will make the box levitate and fall apart. The box will then respawn in one of four additional points on the map, which are marked by piles of debris with a bloody teddy bear on top. All rooms have at least one bloody bear on top of debris, so be mindful of buying too many rooms.

In addition, upstairs on either side, the Bouncing Betty is available only as a one time (purchase) weapon for 1000 points, but two more are received at the beginning of each round, and previously placed mines remain.

The Gewehr 43, Springfield, Kar98k, MP40, Double-Barreled Shotgun, Trench Gun, Thompson, STG-44, M1 Garand, and the BAR are able to be acquired via the chalk drawings. If the gun is already equipped, ammo can be purchased for half the price of the gun.

Available Weapons Edit

Cost shown is amount of points required to buy from the chalk drawings. All weapons can be received from the mystery box. Weapons without a price shown are received randomly from the mystery box (950 points) and extra ammo can only be received via ammo pickup, and new weapons have been added to the Random Box, namely, the PPSh-41 is now available at the random Box.

Starting Weapons Edit

  • Colt M1911
  • Stielhandgranate x2 (more are able for purchase, at the price of 250/2 per round)

From the Wall and the Mystery BoxEdit

  • Double-Barreled Shotgun for 1200 points
  • Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun for 1200 points
  • M1897 Trench Gun for 1500 points
  • MP40 for 1000 points
  • Kar98k for 200 points
  • Springfield for 200 points, unscoped only
  • STG-44 for 1200 points
  • M1 Garand for 600 points
  • Thompson for 1200 points
  • Deployable BAR for 2500 points  (Comes with unusable Bi-pod)
  • Bouncing Betty for 1000 points
  • Gewehr 43 for 600 points
  • PPSh-41
  • Deployable MG42 (Comes with an unusable Bi-pod)
  • Deployable M1919 Browning (Comes with unusable Bi-pod)
  • Deployable FG42 (Comes with unusable Bi-pod)
  • Ray Gun
  • Stielhandgranate for 250 points.
  • PTRS-41
  • M1 Garand W/ Grenade Launcher
  • Panzerschreck
  • .357 Magnum
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • M1 Carbine
  • M2 Flamethrower

Cheats Only Edit

  • Holy pistol (PC only)
  • Default Weapon (PC only)
  • BRAAAINS... (PC only)

Available Perks Edit

  • Double Tap "Double Tap Root Beer" cost: 2000 points
  • Fast Revive "Revive Soda" cost: 1500 points
  • Sleight of Hand "Speed Cola" cost: 3000 points
  • Juggernaut "Jugger-Nog" cost: 2500 points

Strategy Edit

  • The key to Nazi Zombies is communication. It is always best to use a headset.
  • When playing 2-player, and the box is teleported to the area outside the power room, it is advisable to not head to the balcony, but to stay in the power room an Bouncing Betty off the stairs to your rear, and shoot zombies coming through the double doors (only works when starting on the German side).
  • Unlike Juggernaut for multiplayer games which allows a couple additional hits, "Jugger-Nog" is more effective. The perk allows many strikes from zombies to be taken at level 10 and above and survive. So it is highly recommended especially in the later rounds. "Jugger-Nog" and any other drink is lost when you are "downed" by zombies.
  • If you have the Jugger-Nog perk equipped and get cornered by the zombies, try moving your mouse randomly in every direction. This way, the zombie will have a hard time downing you, and you will probably find a hole in the crowd to escape or at least get some time to kill them all.
  • The power generator room is a good place to camp unill the mystery box moves. But be warned, There is a small (very small) room in the generator room. This room has a window where Zombies can get in from. This room can be your downfall.
  • Sleight of Hand is another very useful perk, hence its high cost. It allows for faster reloading of slower weapons, such as machine guns and shotguns, and makes fast-loading weapons, such as the Ray Gun, reload almost instantly. With this perk, a single Ray gun-wielding player can last even a late round on his own, without having to worry about being overwhelmed while reloading. This perk is also useful because it increases the repair speed which wooden planks and missing wall sections are quickly repaired, however not many player notice this attribute at first but this perk DOES repair missing planks and wall sections faster.
  • The Kar98K can be a good investment for the first few rounds as it can kill a zombie with a single shot in round one, and is powerful and accurate enough to achieve head shots in later rounds. However, players in the American weapon spawn room should skip over the Springfield altogether (instead saving enough points to buy the M1 Garand), as it is considerably less effective than the equivalent German rifle.
  • Once the first door has been opened buy the SMG on the wall (MP40 for German side, Thompson for American side). This will allow you to score much more points making access to the power switch and mystery box quicker.
  • Unlike in Nacht der Untoten, zombies can now attack through window and wall openings if they have been sufficiently damaged. Zombies can also jump on top of a window opening, even if barricades are already on the window and crawl in fewer numbers.
  • With four people, you should initially all camp on one balcony until two or more of you have good weapons such as Ray Guns or MG42s. Then you should split up and two players should camp on each balcony. This solves the problem of people blocking the view of another player. If two people have Ray Guns and the others do not, then one Ray Gun should be used per side. If you do not wish to split up, when camping on either balcony have the two people at the back with the Ray Guns and the two players at the front with MGs this will prevent the common cause of death, blowing yourself up with the Ray Gun. The two people at the front must crouch so that the others can shoot over them.
  • If you have a Ray Gun, try to keep away from the zombies as it is easy to cause splash damage to yourself, even through Juggernaut as this makes no difference to it. If you are camping on a balcony (recommended) then you should stand behind other players to prevent this.
  • One tactic is that the players in the German weapon spawn open everything on their side to get to the power generator room, and turn on the power. This is because there are only three rooms to unlock and there are less places where the zombies can come in. Also, when you turn on the power, the door separating the two teams will open reuniting the two. (Hence the "POWER WILL REUNITE YOU" message on the wall.)
  • Another tactic is that the players in the American weapon spawn open everything on their side to get to the power room, and turn on the power. All the players should then unite in the kitchen of the American side, because there is no significant window between the kitchen and the power room. This way, all zombies come from one doorway or one window right next to the doorway, and since there are no windows from the kitchen hallway to the power room, if you should be overwhelmed, you have ample room to retreat.
  • Don't be afraid to use Bouncing Betties and Stielhandgranate. Every player receives two more grenades and bouncing betties at the start of each round. Bouncing Betty's must be bought (1000 points) first to use them. They are very useful in bottleneck areas (staircases).
  • The electric barriers are useful if you are all cornered in a small area. However, bear in mind that a teammate who walks through it without the Juggernaut perk will instantly be put into Last Stand, and will not be able to get out unless a zombie pushes him or the barrier turns off. It is also possible to keep reviving him until the power defenses wears off but it adds extraordinary numbers to the players downs.
  • If there is a large amount of zombies after you (more than you can kill before they reach you), there are two options. If the zombies are slower, simply gain some distance and gun them down. If they are faster, you must shoot them immediately and hope for the best as some are actually faster than you at around round 10 and above. It is recommended to camp on one of the two balconies with electroshock defenses so that this does not tend to happen.
  • Shoot one of the zombies in the legs (throwing grenades is effective, and Molotovs even more so) so that you can fix windows and walls while he crawls around. This is very effective because the round doesn't end so you can get points for fixing windows. Plus you can avoid and play with him while your teammates buy weapons at the end of the round. Keep in mind, some zombies that are legless will move 2-3 times faster than Nacht der Untoten. Also, the crawling zombie will eventually bleed out on its own (the time seems to be less than in Nacht Der Untoten). Try to keep a zombie alive outside and continually repair the window he is trying to come in. If he is turned into a crawler he can't get you through the window and won't bleed out. The round can be extended indefinitely.
  • One good tactic is for the people in the left spawn to unlock all the doors to the generator while those on the right spawn stay where they are and go to the generator room when the power is on. When this is done, try and get everyone to get 'Jugger-Nog' and 'Quick Revive' and then wait on the balcony. You can then kill the zombies easily and if there's a lot of them you can turn on the electroshock defenses.
  • Although it is a long way to Speed Cola, it helps if you get it.
  • One tactic is to have the players on the right side go to the power room and turn the power on then go over to the left side, remove the couch, and camp out on the balcony. Have one player stand guard of the window on the balcony, another next to the switch to turn on the electro-shock defenses, and two other players towards the front of the balcony (as it attracts the zombies to only go to the balcony, not down and around the inner wall by the 'Double Tap Root Beer'). An alternate version of this tactic has the two players next to the Double Tap Root Beer instead of the front of the balcony. This has the same luring effect on the zombies, allows the player next to the electro-shock defenses switch to shoot through the gaps in the wall at the zombies as well and allows the shooting players to attack zombie coming through the wall. NOTE both tactics are useless if the other door is open.
  • Another tactic is to have the players on the left side turn the power on. Then have the players on the right side open the door to the 'hallway, but not open the staircase. Then have all the players camp next to the staircase. (Again, don't open it.) This tactic makes all the zombies come from 3 ways: the concrete wall, the windows, and the door that leads to the hallway. If there are a lot of zombies and you all get overwhelmed, go to the small corner and hope that you all will survive.
  • It is recommended that the player should try to stay out of one-way out parts of the asylum since you will be trapped, and there will usually never be an escape route from the oncoming zombie hordes.
  • If you are camping on the balcony nearest to 'Double Tap Root Beer', you can sometimes access the box through the window if it has been transported there by the teddy. This can be very useful on higher rounds, as it is all but impossible to go downstairs past round 20.
  • If a power up is dropped at the very end of a round, it is best not to activate it until it is about to disappear. Activating a power up as a round ends means that a significant portion of its duration will be wasted during the pause between rounds. Power ups begin to flicker when they are about to disappear.
  • If a max-ammo power up is dropped, try to give everyone a chance to reload. This power up does not replenish the ammunition inside of the guns you already have, only your reserve ammo. Powerful and/or rare weapons, such as machine guns and the Ray Gun, benefit from this the most.
  • Soloing - Offers less zombies and requires less need of your team/partner. A good strategy is to camp near the Mystery Box. Even though the German start is cheaper to get to the Generator room, the American side offers the Speed Cola, a NEED for soloing. Do not buy the Springfield, try to use the knife and your starting pistol the most to obtain a lot of points in the early rounds. Try to get past round 5 until sprinting all the way to the generator room (on your way up buy the Trench Gun). You should have accumulated up to 6000-8000 points, enough to buy Trench Gun + Speed Cola. Once you get into the Generator room, stand in the room, next to the doorway so you are looking out the door at a sharp angle. The zombies will be running straight at you. Don't worry the zombies are one hit kills with the trench gun close range. Now after you obtained Speed Cola collect points by camping the doorway again (you should be at round 6-7). This is easy due to the fact the trench gun is superior against zombies with such a fast reload time. Also Double Tap Rootbeer will increase your fire rate (the pump time in between shots is reduced greatly) and is a good idea.But, it is very hard to obtain with this tactic because you have to go to the other side.Round 8 you should have 2500+ points. Try to listen to the zombies,since you will be able to discover where they are coming from if you do not see them. The less sound they make the fewer there are, so you will know when there is a single zombie remaining if all sounds quiet. Leave the single zombie (preferably a slow moving one). Now when you think there is only one left back up away from the doorway and wall from mystery box. Camp in that corner and let the zombie get close to you then sprint around it. Buy the Juggernaut perk and if you have any left-over points try and move the couch to go upstairs on the German side. If you still have enough points buy the Double Tap perk. Now go ALL the way back to the mystery box, carefully maneuvering around the zombies. Camp the doorway and hope you get a MG/Browning. *Ray gun could be more harmful in the enclosed space* This is because if you shoot a zombie it could possibly turn into a crawler and you may not notice it. RUN AWAY before shooting the ground. Many people blow themselves up with the Ray Gun as they do not use it wisely. However, if you are skilled with the Ray gun it can become an excellent weapon. You will have to depend on luck, you will need the occasional Max Ammo drop (It's risky running out of doorway to grab ammo or another weapon, so only do this if you're desperate) and strong weapons from mystery box. (PPSh-41, Browning M1911, MG42, Ray Gun, FG42) It has been noticed that because the Zombies run in a line the faster ones may run around and you will tend to miss them visually, so remember to watch your back. The PTRS is good because it has increased damage (guess- 5x as strong or more) and can shoot through multiple zombies (it can take a while to reload though, so be careful).
  • A good tactic is that the people who spawn in German side should open up the power room. Then once everyone is in there open up the kitchen and the next room that has the Speed Cola. Since this room only has one window and one door,have the person with the worst weapons watch the window while the other three people guard the large door to the kitchen. However, it has been observed by people who use this tactic that zombies do not come from the window if you do not open anything in the American side.
  • At the same time as the German side group opens up all of the doors to the electric room, the American side should also open their doors (except for the very last one). Once the electricity is switched on, the American side team can sprint to the electric room (through the German side) and everyone can camp there. This causes the zombies to be spread all over the map to every window, causing some of them to take longer to get to the players, and therefore giving players time to reload their weapons.


  • The Marines sent to the asylum probably died, because the radio message in Shi No Numa claims that they "Failed to contain the asylum".
  • It seems that the Speed Cola perk makes you repair the windows faster, as they fly to their base faster, but it actually does nothing, and the time in-between the planks going on the base is increased to balance it out.
  • On the end of the balcony that you see when you first come up the stairs (American side) is a poster that says "Unbeaufsichtigte kinder werden umgehend an den Zirkus verkauft" this translates to "Unattended children will be immediately sold to the circus" in German.
  • On the Jugger-nog perk machine, three advertisements are on it. The first one says Well that's a good nog, the second one says Made with Real Eggs and the third one says Take a tug off that sweet, sweet jug.
  • Next to the Double Tap machine is a poster for Quick Revive Soda. It says Amazing, I'm alive!
  • The Ray Gun is not as dangerous to the User since Verruckt is bigger than Nacht der Untoten. One could kill the Zombies from far away and the ones attempting to kill your allies without a risk of harming yourself
  • 'Jugger-Nog' does not prevent you blowing yourself up with the ray gun or other explosives at all. This can be extremely frustrating when you have bought the perks and lose them due to this.
  • Infamous German psychiatrist Werner Heyde used to work at Berlin-Wittenau Sanatorium. He was a main organizer of the T-4 Nazi Euthanasia program.
  • On occasion, one of the characters will yell "You can't get this marine!" This is interesting as the US Marines never saw service in Berlin. Though it is believed that marines might have come into West Germany to make sure there was no uprising of Nazism after the war, but common sense dictates that there were no zombies in World War II either so this is entirely fictional.
  • Right above the stairs in the Power Room is some writing, it is hard to read with the bright light flashing inside the room. It says something to the degree of "Wish often, and our wishing well will run" it cuts off. This is probably a reference to the Teddy Bear in the random weapon box, which usually comes when the box is used frequently.
  • The writing on the wall that says Teddy is the biggest liar could be a reference to Valve's game Portal, with the famous phrase among fans, The cake is a lie.
  • You can see zombies coming out of the ground in the courtyard. This tells us that the asylum officials may have buried dead patients and or other dead officials in the courtyard.
  • This is the first map in which you can hear your player talk.
  • The phrase "This is my boomstick!" is a reference to the movie, Army of Darkness.
  • In the power room it is possible to hear a voice saying "4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42." these numbers are a reference to the show, "Lost"
  • Although it takes place in Berlin, the surrounding areas do not support that it could be in Berlin. For example, the lack of buildings and a nearby forest.
  • At times you may see a zombie stare up at the sky and clutch at their heads. This may be because the Nazi's in question were suffering from post-traumatic stress (from the war) and were put in the sanatorium because they were declared insane. This also typically happens if someone uses a zombie at a window to gain points by constantly repairing it.
  • If you glitch out of the map, and into the fountain area, climb to the top, there will be a mounted MG-42 you can use, however, it only does damage to zombies if they are walking.
  • It is possible to become invincible through a glitch, as there will be an invisible barrier around you that the zombies cannot penetrate.
  • The zombies will eventually die after a set period of time after spawning. This is so that if one gets stuck somewhere or if there is a glitch in the AI and they are left standing somewhere, unable to be hit by a player, they will eventually die and the player(s) can advance to the next round.
  • The name of the song you hear when you flush the toilet is called "Lullaby for a Dead Man", and was written, recorded and produced by Treyarch Sound. (Written by Kevin Sherwood, vocals by Elena Siegman). Ref.
  • The forest may have been set on fire by the local population to try and halt the zombies, which appears to have failed in stopping them. It is also possible that the Russians started it since they fought through the forest. They could have then burned the forest to drive out any German resistance. Also, it could have been the Germans themselves as they burned fields and bridges as they retreated back to Berlin.
  • It is possible that some of the zombies died from some sort of brain surgery. If you look close enough you will see a ring of staples around their head, which suggests they died from brain surgery and were then turned into zombies.
  • In the room with the Sawed-off shotgun next to the speed cola is a light hanging from the ceiling. If you jump into it, you can knock it around and make it swing about the room. This is the only object in the game that you can interact with by moving into it. This light is also in Shi No Numa in the Comm Room.
  • Also, if you bump into a perks-a-cola machine, you can hear the glass bottles inside.
  • In the room next to the Speed Cola machine room (American side), "the kitchen" wall has symbols and words on it, written in what appears to be blood. The numbers written on it are "19382406 9:21". There is a verse in the Christian bible; John 19 38-42 that could have a relation to these numbers, since the writing on the wall is 19 38 24 and the verse is John: 19 38-42 (Also a possible reference to Luke 19:38-42, in normal order) it could possibly mean the Nazi zombies story line is a reverse order of what the bible verse describes, although this is just a theory. It also may be a reference to a meteorite which exploded above the Earth near Chicora, Pennsylvania on June 24 1938. This makes sense as there are many references in Shi No Numa about the origins of the zombies being created by the element Ununpentium (115 on the periodic table), which supposedly came from the meteorite.
  •  19382406 9:21 can also be a reference to Matthew 9:21 as the level is an asylum. "for she said to herself, if I only touch his cloak I will be made well".  Revelation 9:21 "and they did not repent of their murders or their sorceries or their fornication of their beliefs", a possible reference to the scientists.
  • Near the M1 Garand is a rack of metal casings. If you crouch near the lowest case, nearest to the door you can hear a baby crying and sometimes a woman screaming, suggesting that there may currently be or have been living people encased in the racks. There is a rumor that once you activate the power, you can open this metal case and there will be a lot of blood and body parts. Although the baby and the woman in the case is true, it's not confirmed if you can open it. On Xbox 360 at least it is impossible to open.
  • A man can be heard screaming in the room with the Thompson and in the room with the M1897 Trenchgun
  • If you look at the switch that turns on the generator there is a hand. It is possible that someone was trying to turn the electricity on and had their hand chopped off. The marines could have then been sent in to investigate what was happening in the area. In Shi No Numa there is a person missing their hand, who allegedly hung them self. It is possible they were in the Asylum before the Marines, and that it is their hand that is on the power switch. There is also is a hand in der reise, which probaly means that they are put there by treyarch to make it mor interesting
  • The hand on the Electricity Lever may have been from someone who was killed by the Nazi Zombies in their (Presumed) previous attack.
  • In the room with the electric chair you can see a hand in the right wrist strap. This either happened by officials sawing of his/her hand, or he/she were desperate to escape so he/she ripped, chopped, or sawed their hand off to escape the Asylum.
  • It is possible that the zombies had already attacked the Asylum before, as in the American room one of the cases are open and you can see blood marks leading to the window, which may mean a zombie had escaped from cremation and dragged a person, injured or dead, out.
  • It is unknown why you can hear screams and crying in the Asylum. It may be the marines' imaginations or that some of the other people in the asylum were reanimated as well. Seeing as how the torturing tools in the asylum seems to have been used, it is possible that the former patients and staff were executed or tortured by the Nazis. It is also possible that they were massacred or slaughtered by the Russians since they fought remaining German or civilian resistance in the Asylum. Also on the German weapon room there is a chair with an arm on it if you crouch next to a wheel on the side and hold in (X)/use key you will hear a saw and a man screaming so it is possible that the man had his hand cut off or had been murdered and the rest of his body was taken by the Zombies. It has been speculated that the arm belongs to the hanging man in Shi No Numa, but this is impossible as the hanging man is missing his left arm and the arm attached to the chair is a right arm.
  • The quote "You feeling lucky, zombies?!?" refers to the Dirty Harry movie series, where one of Harry's famous lines is "You feeling lucky, punk?"
  • There have been cases due to extreme lag that everyone is spinning, they can't stop moving, and there semi-auto weapons become automatic.
  • In the Verruckt trailer on 0:24, one can see the numbers 115 at the top of the screen referring to element 115 (Ununpentium). Even though these numbers can't actually be seen in the map
  • The room with the dental chair may be a reference to Elie Wiesel's book, Dawn, where one of his friends' hand was removed during torture in a dental chair in WWII Berlin.
  • The line "Screw you maggot face!" said by one of the Marines is also said by Dempsey. Because of this and other evidence Dempsey is probably one of the Marines at the Asylum.
  • When Verruckt just came out, and extremely rare glitch could happen. The glitch was that when the player turned on the generator, a bolt of electricity would engulf the room and anyone in it would be dead.
  • There are two sides to this map, the American side and the German side. The American side is easier to defend, but has less weapons. The German side has more weapons, but is harder to defend.

Glitches & Easter Eggs Edit

  • On the left spawn point, go prone in front of the grenades and move as far up to the wall as possible. Crouch, Then stand and look straight up and to the right. Note: This glitch is very difficult to get into. Patched as of April 10, 2009
  • If you notice there are really fast sprinter zombies faster than the runners that jump through the window in Verrukt. They only make an appearance in this map.
  • There is a glitch that allows you to carry more than two weapons:
    • First of all you need two weapons, ONE Bouncing Betty (You must place the first Betty down), enough points to buy a weapon of your choice, and enough points to buy a perk.
    • Go up to a Perk-a-Cola machine.
    • Place the Betty on the ground and immediately buy the perk while you do not see the player's hand.
    • After drinking the perk's bottle you will notice that you will not be carrying anything. Use this opportunity to buy a new weapon. If you are using Quick Revive or Juggernog it is a good idea to buy one of the nearby bolt action rifles as they only cost 200 points and allows you to defend yourself with another weapon whilst going to get the weapon you want. It also means you can't get that particular rifle from the Mystery box.
    • You will now have your recently purchased weapon (which can be traded for a better one like normal) and the two other weapons you initially had.
    • Repeat for every Perk-a-Cola vending machine to become a walking armory.
    • Remember, once you are downed you lose your perks, and the process can be repeated all over again.
  • This is a very useful glitch, as come the later levels running out of ammo is a very common problem.
  • DO NOT buy a weapon while carrying a Bouncing Betty (in your hand) as you will now permanently carry that one weapon until the game ends. It can still be traded though, in case you want a challenge and use this glitch.
  • Another way to gain extra weapons is to buy Bouncing Betties, and randomly place one. Then have another player down themselves with a grenade, making sure that they are facing the opposite direction as you. Then pull RT to place your second Betty on the downed teammates head and when the Betty hits the ground begin holding X/use button when your teammate is revived your hands should be empty and you should be able to buy another weapon. This provides a much cheaper alternative to the Perk-a-Cola method.
  • When you go upstairs on the German side, go to the toilet on the far left and press the "use" key and the song Lullaby for a Dead Man will play.
  • Also, on the German side, in the starting room, go to the dentists chair and press reload aiming at the chair.You should hear a drill and a man screaming.
  • There are lots of writings on the walls on the room with the sawed off shotgun and speed cola and in the kitchen right next to that room. There are dates, tallies, pictures, and its all drawn in blood. The dates refer to the tunguska event, which is related to the Nazi Zombies story.
  • As with the rest of the Nazi Zombie maps, after you die, when the music stops, repeatedly tapping the "Y or Triangle" button will make your character spawn in the third person view.
  • If you shoot the Panzerschrek into the center fountain, the whole outside of the asylum will be submerged in water.