Nacht der Untoten (German for "Night of the Undead") is the first level in the unlockable Nazi Zombies bonus campaign in Call of Duty World at War for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Players can team up together with up to three other players online or in split screen co-op or as a single player solo mission

Gameplay Information Edit

Nacht der Untoten (German for Night Of The Undead) is set in a run-down building, where up to four players must defend against a limitless number of waves of zombies for as long as possible. Each room in the building contains a number of windows that can be barricaded with wooden planks. Zombies must knock off each wooden plank in order to climb through the window and enter the building. Zombies do not carry, use, or drop any weapons, and only use melee attacks. Two consecutive melee attacks will put a player into Second Chance. When a player is down, another player may revive them by walking up to the downed player and hold the action button. This causes the reviving player to stick a "syrette" into the downed player. If the downed player is not revived in an amount of time, then they will bleed out and they will have to spectate other players until it's the end of the round. The game ends when all players are down or dead.

The game is divided into rounds, sometimes referred to as "waves" or rarely "days" by players. Once a round is finished (by killing all the zombies), there is a small period of time, about 5 seconds, where players can repair barricades, buy weapons and regroup for the next round of the undead. As the game progresses, the zombies will come in larger numbers, have more health, and move faster. While the core elements of the normal game are still present (i.e. aiming down weapon sights, reviving team members in Second Chance), unique gameplay features have been added to Nacht der Untoten.

Point System Edit

All players start off with 500 points. Players gain points by repairing barricades (reattaching wooden planks to windows) and killing zombies. Repairing barricades will give players 10 points for each wooden plank reattached. Shooting, meleeing, and killing zombies will also earn points. 10 points are awarded for each non-fatal shot, while the killing shot awards 60 points (70 for an upper chest or neck shot kill). A headshot will award 100 points, while a melee attack will be awarded with 130 points for each stab. A grenade kill will give 50 points. The points are used to buy weapons for varying costs (or from the Mystery Box for 950 points each), ammunition for half the price of the respective weapon (unless it is exclusive to the "Mystery Box", therefore ammo may only be retrieved from the box by receiving the weapon again or from the Max Ammo power-up) and unlock new rooms in the building for 1000 points per clearance of debris.

Power-Ups Edit

Zombies occasionally drop power-ups that are beneficial to players.

  • Double Points - All points a player gains is doubled. This power-up lasts for 30 seconds. Its in-game drop is a "x2" symbol.
  • Insta-Kill - This power-up will give players one-hit kills on Zombies. When a player kills a Zombie with this power-up in play, the Zombie's head will almost always explode regardless of where the bullet hit, killing it instantly. The player will be awarded 10 points for the shot, and 100 for the kill, once again regardless of where the bullet hit. Therefore, players should not aim for headshots during insta-kill. This power-up lasts for 30 seconds. The in-game drop is a human skull. If the player has a flamethrower, it will be most effective during Insta-Kill, as a very small burst of flame will kill any zombie instantly, allowing the player to incinerate a large group of zombies in under a second.
  • Atomic Bomb - This power-up causes an incineration of all zombies currently on the map. There is a small delay before the nuke activates and kills all zombies, who are set on fire and whose heads explode, causing them to die instantly, starting with the zombies closer to the bomb, and spreading outwards. Unlike Verrückt and Shi No Numa, or Der Riese, players receive 0 points for the zombies that were killed by the Atomic Bomb. The in-game drop is an atomic bomb.
  • Max Ammo - This power up gives all players full reserve ammunition for all weapons. However, it will not replenish frag grenades or Molotov Cocktails in Nacht der Untoten and Verrückt. It will also not replenish the ammo of a person who is down. It will replenish the ammo of the weapon they are using WHILE down, but when they are revived their ammo will be the same as it was before being downed. The in-game drop is denoted by an ammo box.

Weapons Edit

&nbsp In Nacht der Untoten, all players start with an M1911. Players can purchase more weapons by their specific buy zones, which are indicated by a chalk outline of the gun on a wall. Ammunition can be bought from the weapon's buy zone at half the price of the weapon. Ammunition for weapons that do not have buy zones (i.e. M1911, Deployable FG42) must be obtained from a Max Ammo power-up or by obtaining the same weapon from the Mystery Box (the latter option being possible but unlikely). It is possible for a player to have twice the amount of ammunition for a given weapon by carrying two weapons that use the same ammunition (i.e. carrying a Double-Barreled Shotgun and Trench Gun).

Players can also choose to pay 950 points for a random weapon from the "Mystery Box" (denoted by two question marks) in the "Help" room, an unlockable room on the same floor as the starting room. When a player activates the box, it will open up and cycle through a variety of weapons, eventually stopping at a random weapon. The weapons that can be obtained from the "Mystery Box" also include weapons that cannot be bought from buy zones on the wall, such as the Ray Gun, M-2 Flamethrower, and Panzerschreck.

No Japanese weapons can be obtained from the "Mystery Box" (or are available in Nacht der Untoten), and the only Russian weapon available is the PTRS-41. On the second floor of the building there is also a cabinet that will randomly give one of three sniper rifles at the cost of 1500 points.

Weapons available are listed below:

Starting Edit

  • M1911
  • Stielhandgranate x2

Downstairs, starting room Edit

  • M1 Carbine (600 points)
  • Kar98k (200 points)

Downstairs, help room Edit

  • Double-Barreled Shotgun (1200 points)
  • M1 Thompson (1200 points)
  • Any weapon from the Mystery Box (950 points)

Upstairs Edit

  • Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun (1200 points off the wall upstairs, always with the Grip attachment)
  • BAR (1800 points off the wall upstairs)
  • M1897 Trench Gun (1500 points off the wall upstairs)

Sniper Cabinet (upstairs) Edit

The sniper cabinet costs 1500 points, and gives a random sniper rifle, either the PTRS-41, the Springfield w/ scope, or most commonly, the Kar98k w/scope.

Note:On the iPod touch and iPhone version, the upstairs cabinet will give out a flamethrower every time, not a sniper rifle.

Other weapons Edit

  • Holy pistol (only available through hacking)
  • BRAAAINS... (only available through hacking)
  • Walther P38 (only available through hacking)

Effectiveness of Weapons Edit

This list has been determined through play-testing. Note that this section is subject to player opinion. If you disagree with something listed here, feel free to write about it on the talk page.

Before reading it is crucial to understand the difference between a primary and secondary weapon. Primary is what you use to bring down a majority of the zombies. Like funneling them through one door is an example. You only pull out your secondary weapon if your first is either, out of ammo or needs reloading. If your ray gun runs out of ammo when you are a door guarder, switching to your FG42 will not be a good idea. Its low ammo count and high rate of fire will kill some but not all allowing the zombies to eat your brain. (the ray gun and FG42 work well for this example.) Use the FG42 and switch to the ray gun as a backup for added firepower. (Yeah this might not make sense but it is important. If you do see this, you can survive. It is like using the right weapon for the job.) Since having a strong gun like a shotgun and ray gun or a machine gun and ray gun are unlikely, it is important to use what you have for the right reasons. Apply FG42 to the weapons like the STG-44, Thompson, MP40, Type 100, and Double Barreled Shotgun. Think about what you will use when you read the below.

  • Stielhandgranate — Although not really usable as a main weapon, these can be useful when there is a large group of zombies or you are out of ammo. These are often used after the rounds of the pistol have been used up at the start of the game. Later on grenades become slightly annoying as they often create crawlers which make you have to shift your view to the floor, which can sometimes either disorientate you or cost you valuable seconds. This is effective to throw at windows when zombies are breaking through, as it will either slow them down or kill them outright.
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun — Although powerful enough to be one shot kill until high rounds and has a faster reload time than the Trench Gun, there is not really any time at which this gun is preferable. On low rounds the player should be able to easily kill the zombies while they are a fair distance away, while on later rounds there are a large amount of zombies, so the player will not have enough ammo in the magazine to defeat them all. It is a good weapon to use at and under round 7. The frequent reloading of this gun is quite frustrating because of the swarms of zombies and only two maximum shells. The Trench Gun should be used over this.
  • Sawed-Off Double-Barreled Shotgun w/Grip — This gun has the same advantages and disadvantages as the Double-Barreled Shotgun, however it has a shorter range with higher power. Whether to use this or the Double-Barreled Shotgun is a matter of personal preference. The amounts of gibs produced, however, make it very fun to play with.
  • PTRS-41 — This sniper is extremely powerful, has a penetrating bullet, and is one shot kill up to around round 20. It is however very difficult to use in short range situations as it has very low accuracy without the scope. The player can use it to 'No-Scope' the zombies at close range. This gun is best used to guard windows as you will be shooting zombies at long distances and can kill multiple zombies in a row with a single shot if lined up right. The player can also stand upstairs above the help room and snipe from there. In later round however this is not recommended unless you know that you are heavily guarded. This gun has a large reload time, so it's advised to Reload Cancel.
  • Kar98k — (un-scoped or scoped) Un-scoped, this weapon is only usable in the first few rounds. After round one you must rely on headshots. The main reason for buying this gun would be the low cost as it is the only gun you can initially buy. Scoped, this weapon is much more powerful and can be used longer as a one shot kill weapon. It has the same applications as the PTRS-41, however it is much less powerful and will cease to be one shot kill much earlier. At this point it is useless. If you does buy this, it is best to trade it off by round 5, as a Bolt-Action Rifle is close to useless outside the 1st 5 rounds, thought the PTRS-41 is an exception.
  • Ray Gun — This weapon is, for most players, the best weapon in the game. Its one shot kill abilities up to and over round 30 is unrivaled, and its large magazine size of 20 is huge for a gun of such power. The player can carry 180 rounds (including the magazine), so the likelihood of getting a "Max ammo" item before running out is extremely high. If the player is using this on harder levels on multiplayer, they should try and stand behind someone who is not using the ray gun as this will prevent the player from blowing themselves up. This gun is effective at long range however some find it inaccurate due to the delay between the firing of the shot and when it hits. It is much easier to hit zombies which are coming towards you than someone else. Its also good when the holding the player is in last stand, by firing at the ground next to the player, you will kill any zombies attacking your reviver. Unfortunately, it has a major flaw. Shooting a zombie at close range may kill the player. Splash damage is what will kill both players. However, this is very rare, since the splash damage isn't very bad.
  • M2 Flamethrower — Although highly powerful, the player has to wait 3-5 seconds for the zombie to die after they burn them, so this weapon is not recommended if there are many zombies coming for you, unless the player has the time to burn a large group with all the fuel. This makes camping in one spot a trap. It has unlimited ammo so it can be fired forever. It often obstructs the player’s teammate’s view of the area. When it overheats, the player can be defenseless, unless the player has a backup weapon which they should use. This weapon has high mobility unlike the machine gun. This weapon rises to the top when on insta-kill. If the player gets insta-kill, let the guy with a flamethrower go out and kill them. The player might as well take it and see if it works for them, though most weapons are considered better than this. In Shi No Numa, the Mobility is decreased to that of the Browning M1919. There is one strategy the flamethrower is useful in: First, the player should go upstairs and go down from there, then, hope for a flamethrower from the mystery box, then guard there. Once the player has used up their primary weapon ammo, they should pull out the flamethrower and run laps around the help room burning the zombies as they run.
  • MP40 — Not the best gun to use, but if used right, it will become a great weapon to hold onto, even in later rounds (16-17). It trades the Thompson’s high rate of fire for better damage and accuracy, though when it weakens, the player should begin their search for an HMG, and don't rely on it too much.
  • StG44 — Not a good gun overall as it is weak, and ammo will deplete quickly But it does have advantages, like it's accuracy, high mobility, and relatively small reload time, but it is very inaccurate when tracking targets, so it's advisable to lead shots while tracking a target. It is recommended to look for an HMG over this.
  • MG42 — This high powered MG can lay waste to entire lines of zombies. It is extremely effective due to its unrivaled rate of fire. However, this gun has the most recoil of any gun in Nazi Zombies (Yes, more than M1919). Therefore, it is advised to burst fire, however if there is a whole line of Zombies, then it may be worth it to go all out. This gun eats ammo up however the reload time is about half that in Multiplayer, so it isn't that long. This gun rivals the Ray Gun and in many places it is better. If the player turns around while rebuilding and find three zombies they can kill them all with its high rate of fire provided they have at least 25 bullets.
  • FG42 — A good weapon to have in the early-mid rounds. It's strong, light, and has a rate of fire that can rival the MG42's. However, its small magazine capacity prevents it from being a reliable gun as the game progresses. Best used to quickly score lots of points to be able to get another weapon when it runs out of ammo, its recoil is quite high, so it is advisable to "climb".
  • .357 Magnum Revolver — An excellent weapon to have up to round 15. Its one-shot kill ability (depending on range) makes it a highly coveted weapon among players. However, it isn't without its flaws. It only has a capacity of 6 cartridges, frequenting reloading. This takes away time, which isn't something you always have. Other than that, this weapon makes a great alternative to a lot of other weapons they player may be wielding. It can penetrate up to 3 zombies, which really helps if you are employing a strategy that involves funneling the zombies into a small choke point, although once the magnum loses its one-shot killing power, begin your search for a ray gun.
  • M1911 — It's more reliable in the beginning of the level, where there are less zombies. These zombies are very weak, which will allow you to scratch up some points. However, this pistol should be traded off as soon as the player can afford a much more reliable gun.
  • M1 Carbine — A must have weapon in the first few levels. Its semi-auto nature and it's larger ammo capacity makes it superior over the Kar98k. However, it is surprisingly weak, even early on, as headshots don't always kill them, this is its major downfall, whether buying this or the Kar98k is up to personal preference. Trade off this weapon by at least round 6.
  • M1 Garand — It's semi-automatic and it's quite accurate, but low ammo count and weaker damage compared to other weapons are its downfalls, so it's advisable to trade it off by round 12. The player can also get one with a grenade launcher attachment, but it has the same problems as the Panzershreck, but spare ammo and reload times are better. Far more reliable in the other maps. But it can be a good primary offensive weapon until round 10.
  • M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle — This deadly weapon could be a zombie's worst nightmare or your worst nightmare. Its damage is high and its rate of fire makes it able to get head-shots. (Until the zombies start running at you, believe a head shot kills only.) Its expensive but that should not be a problem. It should be traded off at Day 14. Its reload time is pretty good and it is able to conserve ammo unless fired fully auto. Try to fire it in bursts or semi automatic. It you use this weapon, you will see why and how effective it is. Purchase by round 4, go into the help room, and pick off the zombies who come in the door and just turn to kill the zombies at the windows.
  • M1897 Trench Gun — The Trench gun is considered to be an excellent weapon against the zombie invasion. But eventually by round 12, it may take two or more shots to kill one zombie. By then, you may need to get as close as possible for a reliable kill (Hopefully 2 shot kill at the least). When locked in a small space in other maps and by the grenade pickup here, it will be effective about 85% of the time. If you are a window guarder, the trench gun will do well. But compared to the Sawed-off double barreled shotgun, it has less range, and less stopping power needed against the zombies. Remember, you need to stop them in their tracks and force them to fall down. For this particular case, grab a Ray Gun or Machine Gun.
  • M1 Thompson — A decent weapon with moderate power, and a fast reload time (shorter if the magazine is NOT empty). Due to the upward recoil on this, headshots are easily obtainable with bursts. This gun is very mobile, and allows the player to run round at a decent speed. Also, the player can purchase ammo off the wall for it. The major downside to this gun is the small magazine size and high rate of fire which absorbs ammo quickly, although this is less of a problem given its quick reload time. Overall, a decent weapon and a good choice for the mid rounds (10-17).
  • Molotov Cocktail — This incendiary device is not the most reliable weapon. Its only benefit is setting zombies on fire, leaving them to die a very slow and painful death. On the other side, it can turn the zombies into crawlers, (useful if you require additional time to prepare for the next round) but it can also limit your teammates' vision and put the player in Last Stand if they are not careful. There is no real downside to buying it, as it does not use any weapon slots. The only zombie that this weapon will kill is the one that the bottle makes contact with (do to the fact that the bottle explodes.
  • M1919 — A powerful but slow reloading weapon. The accuracy is good and the rate of fire is also high. However, its reload time is a bit longer (even with reload cancel) then most guns. But if you were swarmed, without the mobility to outrun them, or the time to aim and strike them, you will be eaten alive. You should always aim down the sights since this gun has bad hip-accuracy (unless you are shooting zombies point blank). If looking for a Machine gun, choose this or the MG42. The BAR is not strong enough. But remember mobility. If you had a Thompson or trench gun, you would be just as powerful and more mobile and you have the stopping power needed. This is difficult to get so it is hard to practice with. You Need Mobility! How will you outrun them when you are surrounded! Remember this when choosing your weapon to use. Reload time, recoil, accuracy, ammo count, damage per bullet and rate of fire must be taken into account. (Why do you think everyone likes the Ray gun and not the Springfield)
  • Gewehr 43 — As with other semi-automatic weapons, this gun is only effective in the earlier rounds. However, in the later rounds, its lack of power, small capacity, and semi-auto nature make it ineffective against the zombie horde. If you get it, you should have traded it off by round 10.
  • Springfield — The worst weapon available. It has extremely low power, even on round 1. Its iron sights are not accurate; see how it takes around 1 and a half magazines to kill one zombie. I can't stress to you how terrible this gun is. If the player happens to come across a scoped version, however, it may be worth taking. Other than that, it is recommended that the player avoids this weapon.
  • Panzershreck — Normally you would think that a rocket launcher would be an amazing weapon. Sadly, this isn't the case. The Panzershreck usually just turns the zombies into crawlers. Plus, it's heavy, hazardous to the player, limits the players vision (through the smoke and iron sights), can put the player in last stand if the player is too careless with it, and comes with little spare ammo (4 rockets). Considered not a great weapon, although it is far more reliable in the other maps where it gives the player more spare ammo (20 Rockets).
  • Knife — Reliable in the early rounds, where the Zombies are weaker. It is an excellent way to conserve ammo and get many points. However, as the rounds drag on, the zombies become more resilient to knife blows. This prevents the knife from being an effective weapon in the mid to later rounds. It excels in usage during Insta-Kill. Also, the number of knife attacks to take down a zombie are the same as the round number (except round 4, where it is still 3), so past round 4 or 5, using it is dangerous. An effective strategy to use with the knife if a zombie corners the player and the player needs to reload a slow gun, if the player shot enough bullets in him, 1 or 2 knife slashes will probably kill him, this can be a lifesaver.

Hints and Tips Edit

  • If the player opens both staircases,(in the starting room,and the help room from above) the character can easily "bottleneck" the zombies into the help room
  • One of the most important things to remember in Nacht Der Untoten is to NEVER open all three doors. This doesn't help at all. The best tactic is to access the HELP room via upstairs. Two people can guard the stairs while two can clear out the HELP room. If one opens the HELP room from downstairs, two can guard the door, but they are prone to zombies sneaking past the other two. If the downstairs HELP is opened, open upstairs as well. This will allow more zombies to attack the front of the HELP room rather than accessing the HELP room directly.
  • If reloading and the player is cornered by a zombie, mashing the knife button might work, but only if there aren't other zombies grouping you. This is only applicable to the earlier rounds, in later rounds, the amount of stabs needed to kill the zombies happens slower than two hits from the zombie.
  • ALWAYS reload before getting Max Ammo. This will allow a full magazine when getting the power-up, giving maximum amount of ammo each gun can get. But if there is no time to reload, just simply get it. Some ammo is always better than no ammo at all.
  • Try to score as many points as possible in the earlier rounds as having lots of points to spend will improve the players chances of getting a powerful weapon. Good guns to use for scoring points are the MP40, Thompson, FG42, MG42 and M1919  Browning (which are also two of the best and most popular guns at higher levels) and STG 44. The flamethrower is also effective against groups and zombies at windows.
  • One effective way to get to the high rounds can be done with this strategy. (But everything just needs to work perfectly for this to actually work well) 4 people are needed. Going into the help room by day 4 and going upstairs from the HELP room is effective. Make sure everyone has a machine gun, ray gun, or Tommy gun. Tommy gun is easy to get so its recommended. Go by the grenade pickup. Have three people all guarding the choke point at the door. Have one guy with a sawed-off shotgun watching that window. Sawn off shotgun must be had since it has a short range with high power. Regular double barrel shotgun is fine too. The Model 1897 is a bad idea for this strategy. Its 2 shot kill and inferior accuracy cannot be tolerated for this. With three guys watching the door with strong guns and a guy watching the window, chances of being overrun from the window is zero.
  • Contrary to popular belief, opening new rooms does NOT let more zombies in. It simply allows more entrances for them to enter through. The set amount of zombies per round will be spread between the windows. A skilled player can use this to their advantage by 'funneling' the zombies in certain ways. For example, if running round the help room, the stairs in the main room may be opened in order to make a larger proportion of the zombies enter through the door, as it is easier to kill them when they enter through here.
  • In the first 3 or 4 rounds, players should concentrate on conserving ammo in general, often easily using the knife. The number of knife melees needed to kill the zombies corresponds with the round number, except for the 4th round.
  • It is advised to only open the "Help" room when players have enough points to both open it and purchase the weapons inside. Unlocking the "Help" room opens three more windows for zombies to enter.
  • In the "Help" room, the wall opposite to the side right-hand side window can be broken through by zombies. The flamethrower can actually fire straight through this wall. This window is regarded by many as the hardest to defend, as the view of the zombie is blocked while the wall is up.
  • A very good place to hold out is the upper floor, near the grenade pickup. First, open the "Help" door, and then open the upper floor through the "Help" room. Hold out near the grenades, so that one person is watching the window near the stairs down (don't open it though) and the other three should watch the doorway between that section with the grenades and the rest. This tactic makes all the zombies come from two directions: from the doorway that leads to the rest of the building and the window. This tactic was used to set a world record without using glitches of 35 rounds. This has however been beaten through a different tactic, with zombies chasing the player round the help room. This has been used to get to level 152 (video proof up until level 82 on YouTube. Creator claims file size was too big).
  • Another popular tactic is to wait until every player has a few thousand points. Next, a player opens the first staircase and another opens the second. Then the players hold out in the 'Help' room. This strategy will create a 'bottle neck' at the second staircase, where all the zombies from the other parts of the house have to go down a single staircase to reach the players in the 'Help' room. One or two players can cover the windows and wall, while the remaining cover the staircase. This tactic has other benefits, such as immediate access to the Mystery Box, and plenty of room to move around if zombies start overwhelming the players. Having 1-2 players (depending on # of total players- 1 for a 2 player team, 2 for a 3 or 4 player team) armed with machine guns (MG42 or Browning 1919) standing at the top of the stairs covering the doorway to the starting room staircase and the window near the rifle cabinet is a good tactic. While the remaining players take whatever effective weapons are available and hold the mystery box room. If the team is overwhelmed, they can retreat to the base of the stairs and then to the corner with the mystery box to make their last stand.
  • If all but one/most of the zombies are eliminated during a round, the final zombie(s) can be wounded so that they crawl on the ground or hold the zombie at a window, continuously repairing the window as the zombie tries to break in. This gives the player much time to restock on ammo, reload weapons, and fortify positions before the next wave comes.
  • At the beginning of the level, the player is given enough points to buy only one of the two weapons in the main room right off the start: the Kar98k. This weapon is only useful for the first couple levels, shooting at the zombies safely from behind the windows. Once to the point where it is inevitable that the zombies will break into the house, the Kar98k becomes useless. The other weapon in the room, the M1 Carbine, can be bought as soon as the end of the first round. It has almost as long of a range as the Kar98k, faster rate of fire, and a three times larger magazine; however, the damage is very low, and even a head shot, will not always kill a zombie.
  • Many people feel that the flamethrower is overrated, as in the later levels; some people cannot rely on it. Zombies burned with the flamethrower will continue to live for some time before dying, allowing them a chance to overwhelm a player. However, zombies flamed will be "stunned" for a second, easily giving you a chance to run and let them burn. This can be very useful on the much higher levels as it would take a lot of ammo to kill each zombie otherwise and the flamethrower kills them relatively quickly. The flamethrower can spray several zombies and kill them within 5 seconds around level 50, although five seconds is enough to be cornered by the burning group. If the player is using the second tactic mentioned above (running round the help room), they can spray the zombie group following them and run.
  • While this can be a dangerous tactic, it can sometimes be beneficial to get downed (assuming player is on multiplayer) if out of ammo. Sometimes it is impossible to go and get another gun so this can be useful when the Ray Gun is equipped however if a max ammo is acquired, the other player should wait until the other is revived otherwise the downed player will receive no ammo.
  • Ideally, the player should go for a Ray Gun with MG/flamethrower combination. As on higher rounds running out of ammo is likely on either a ray gun or MG/Browning. Remember that the MG42 will not last very long, as the rate of fire is very quick. A Browning is acceptable, however its firepower is far inferior to that of the MG. It does, however, have a large magazine capacity and slow but powerful fire rate, so it can be used as long as the player has time to reload after the magazine is exhausted. The reload time for the Browning is VERY long, (the longest of any weapon in the game) using one magazine per round and switching to the secondary weapon when the magazine runs out.
  • On earlier rounds, (between 5 and around 12) the Thompson is a very effective weapon as its recoil causes the gun to get many headshots when aimed at the chest. Also, ammo can easily be bought for this as it is on the wall in the help room.
  • If the player has just repaired a window and a zombie was fairly near the window when repairing commenced, be careful as the zombie can sometimes either climb straight through the barriers or attack from the other side.
  • If a Magnum and a Ray Gun are equipped and the player is about to go down (if in multiplayer), pulling the Ray Gun out will give the player the Ray Gun, and vice versa with the Magnum.
  • Theoretically, the less people there are playing, more progress can be made. This is because when playing with more than one person, the game adjusts itself to give each player a significant amount of zombies to keep it busy. Therefore, levels can be considerably shorter on solo mode than with four players.
  • If player manages to shoot 3 zombies with only 1 bullet, the 'Rough economy' achievement/trophy is awarded to the player. This can easily be achieved by doing this with the PTRS-41, Magnum or the Ray Gun. This is possible on any zombie map.
  • Be careful with the Ray Gun; if the player is too close to the wall and fires, this may result in the splash damage of the Ray Gun actually killing the player.
  • One of the worst things that can be done is to back into a corner, unless camping. This puts the player in a bad position as eventually reloading will allow the zombies to attack. This really could happen on any of the maps.
  • Keep in mind that on Level 6, Zombies will begin to run instead of walking like in the first few levels.
  • If a player is killed at any level making sure weapons are obtained before the end of that round is vital, so when the player respawns they will be able to have at least one try at the mystery box.
  • If players are holding out in the help room, then they can "funnel" more zombies through the door by opening the upstairs entry in the starting room, causing less Zombies to spawn in at the help room windows.
  • NEVER clear the debris for the upstairs. It just gives the zombies more windows to come in from, and is harder to defend then the help room.
  • Keep moving. If player moves backwards and side to side, the zombies will chase that player, giving more time to kill them. It will also give the players partner(s) more time to fix windows and they will be able to kill zombies easier.
  • At the end of a round, have one person distract the final zombie so a person can repair the windows.
  • Once getting into the help room, have one man cover the large sliding doorway and the other cover the three windows and wall if player is overrun throw a grenade into the biggest mass of zombies.

Strategies Edit

Strategy 1 Edit

First play with 3 or 4 players. Have each person have 1 window to guard. On the first to fourth levels you all should back up in the little corner near the help room and take turns killing a zombie. Don't go for bombs until the higher levels. After that the player with the least points should Rebuild 2 windows and the rest rebuild 1 window. Only use the pistol at the first level to kill a zombie. Then buy the M1A1 Carbine. Keep on using that weapon until level 4. The remaining bullets of the pistol should be used to kill zombies. After that "pistol fantastic event" use the M1A1 carbine again. If you ever get a Max-Ammo power-up use the pistol (only for levels 1-5). When you need a retreat immediately open the "HELP" room. Then try to get a Ray gun, MG42,etc. and replace it with the Colt. Only use it when you REALLY need it or at the ends or beginnings of rounds. 2 people guard the windows. 2 people guard the door outside of the Hell(p) room. Only rebuild the first 2 windows near you. When it starts get to be heavy go upstairs (round 9,10) and you all should have a good gun. The two weapons should be Ray Gun with a Flamethrower. 2 people with a Ray Gun and a MG42. Ray Gun with a Browning, FG42, or a Trench gun. 3 people should be at the place with the window near the sawed off shotgun. 2 people should be at the entrance, 1 person on the window throwing grenades a lot, and a person covering the window on the right side. If a person has died and is back again have a person go with him to the place where he needs a weapon let him buy the best gun affordable than let him guard the window on the right. Don't go off somewhere and stay in your positions the whole time unless you need backup or you see a Bomb or Max Ammo. If you run out of ammo just don't buy a new one. Use your other weapon. Someone should sometime later get a max ammo. On the Harder levels, one should have enough points to not have to dive into masses of undead for Double Points.

Strategy 2 Edit

Get your first kills with your pistol until you are on your last magazine, or out of ammo, then buy the M1 Carbine. Hold out with your friends until between round four and round five. The person with the most points (1950+) should open the help room, then buy your guns and hold out in there until round six or seven with two people guarding the cave and windows in the help room and the other two in the main room. When round eight and nine roll around, have the two people in the main room come in the help room and guard the door with the other two still guarding the windows and the cave wall. at the end of round nine, open the stairs FROM THE HELP ROOM and back up to the grenades with the Heavy Machine Guns (MGs, Brownings, Ray Guns) crouched in front of the people in the back (PTRS-41s or HMGs)(standing). If seen from above, you should look like this: ::. Hold a zombie at the end of each round so people without ammo can get another gun or get a Max Ammo if there is one around. You may need to alternate your positions (if a Browning or MG needs to Reload) but keep the same basic shape. Also, the zombies will all come from one room in front of you (except for a few that come to the window at your right) so you can chuck some grenades out there if you are standing in the back. WATCH OUT FOR CRAWLERS if you throw the grenades. If a zombie breaks in from the front of the :: and gets behind you, run out of formation, kill him, and get back in quickly. If any get behind you, its over. It is possible to get up to round 30+ using this formation.

Strategy 3 Edit

It is a good idea to only use your knife in round 1 through 4. Then you should follow strategy 2 (Except not to buy the carbine!). Not buying the carbine will save you 600 points in which you could use for the mystery box! Keeping the pistol will give you an invaluable weapon to use for Insta-Kill. Hold out until you all get either at least 1 of these weapons: Ray Gun, MG42 , or the Browning, (or two) However if you are starting to be overwhelmed and did not get the guns yet, these guns will do: .357 Magnum ,FG42, Trenchgun, Double-Barreled shotgun (Not advised and only as a last resort. Try to get a crawler and trade it ASAP) Panzerschreck (NOT ON SOLO!!) ,flamethrower ( Not on solo or 2 player. Only 3 or 4). As in 3, open up the couch in the help room then go by the grenades. Go into the formation.

Strategy 4 Edit

2-4 players. Get the carbine when you have enough points, but don't use it until you run out of pistol ammo. After the first round you start to get overrun at, open the "HELP" room. you should stay here until you get either 2 MG (30 cal or MG-42), an MG and a Ray gun, or a FG-42 and either a Ray gun or a MG. It is also better to wait until round 14 or 15 before you open the stairs or when ever your ready. When you do open the stairs, go to the room with the grenades and have men positioned in the following (do not open the other set of stairs. There are only two entrances into the area (minus the stairs) which makes it easier to defend against large zombie waves). (Man 1) Post a man at the window, holding down the repair window button, only shoot through the window if there are TWO zombies there and always keeping one there so, if the repair button is held that zombie won’t go any ware leaving your group to get ready for the next wave (it being the last zombie). (Man 2) Next post a man in between the window keeper and the door (make sure he has a ray gun or a browning etc. something that will kill fast) so the zombies will go to him not the window keeper (this guy is also a big killer). (Man 3) Next have a man next to the window keeper’s support and looking through the door, this will be your main killer, he will just fire at anything that comes through your door. (Man 4)Position this guy to the very left but further from the door as Man 2 and 3, this will take out any zombies that get too close (this guy shouldn't have a machine gun or it will be difficult). Feel free to rotate around; Man 3 will probably make the most money so make sure one person isn't always playing it. Good luck!

Strategy 5Edit

Try to mostly knife your way through the first few rounds. Then by round 4 or 5 open the main room stairs and go to the help room from the 2nd story. Have 2 people preferably with ray gun and flamethrower to guard stairs while the other 2 guard the 3 windows. Make sure you get a better weapon between rounds if you have to or get ammo.

Strategy 6Edit

Get to the help room by round 7. Try to have 1 person with a ray gun and another with an MG42 [you need 2 separate players for this to work] after you have 2 people with those weapons open help room stairs and head towards the trench gun sign. Have ray gunner, MG42-operator, and a third player with a trench gun guarding the hallway with another player guarding the window. Don't worry about conserving ammo since too much you should receive countless power-ups. The person covering the window should probably keep 1 zombie on the outside alive so the others can repair windows and have time to refocus. The window guarder should also trade spots with another player if there is one zombie outside to get better weapons and supplies. Also beware of crawlers since they can hide under dead zombie bodies. It is also optional to guard the window near the sawed-off-shotgun instead - each choice is up to you.

Strategy 7Edit

Play with 2 Players or more, as soon as you start, buy a Kar98k and kill zombies until you can remove the debris from the staircase. Go up the staircase and camp with everyone on the area where the little lamp is, that way you can kill the zombies coming up stairs and the ones from the next room. When you advance to the next round, if you have enough money, go to the next room and buy a weapon and or clear the debris from the second stair case. This process creates an effective bottleneck which allows you to stay alive for an average of 10 rounds. (Suggesting your better than an amateur)

Strategy 8Edit

First start with 4 players. Use your pistol until it runs out of ammo, then start using your knife. At the end of round 3, make a crawler. Each person will take a turn getting the mystery box, while one person distracts the crawler. Stay in the help room until you each get a machine gun or a ray gun. If one or two people don't get a ray gun or machine gun, go upstairs via the help room at round 10. Then 2 people should be in the grenades standing up while one is crouching and the last person should be guarding the window. Then at the end of each round make a crawler and let the people who don't have a machine gun or ray gun go downstairs and get the guns. Continue this till everyone gets a ray gun and/or gets a machine gun.

Strategy 9Edit

Start with two players. Buy the Kar98ks of the wall and defend the main room until level 4 or 5. Then open the help room when convenient and have one person in each room. Do this for a few levels and have both players buy as many random weapons as possible until the best possible combination is achieved. Then have one player stand in the doorway to the main room and shoot zombies while his partner stands in the corner parallel to the random box and under the stairs and shoot zombies coming in from the help room windows. Once the players feel they are ready (levels 10-13 are recommended) open the upstairs through the help room. Go into the grenade buying corner and hold out there. Continue to buy grenades and throw four at a time as much as is convenient. Coordinate weapons switches and reloads. Have players switch off using stronger and weaker weapons vice versa with each other (ex: player one has a Ray gun and BAR, 2 has a MG42 and MP40. Player 1 uses a Ray Gun and 2 uses MP40 and vice versa). You can get to very high levels, just don't leave the corner unless it is between levels, insta-kill or to get a power-up. A good idea would be to make the last zombie into a crawler with a Molotov or Grenade and use the time to buy randoms, build windows, reload, etc.

Strategy 10Edit

This is a solo strategy. During the first round, let the zombies break in. Then, using your starter pistol, shoot them in the lower body enough to where they are almost dead, then knife them. This could possibly get you 150-200 points each. At the beginning of round 2, buy the M1A1 Carbine. Pop them before they get to the windows (which hopefully you re-barricaded before). As mentioned above, always try to leave 1 alive for window repair. Keep doing this until the end of round 4, by then you might have 6,000 points. At the end of round 4, leave one alive after you've repaired and open the upper staircase. (IMPORTANT!) DON'T open the hel(p) room door, access upstairs directly from the starting room. Buy the trenchgun from the wall, then open the Hel(p) room by unclogging the staircase, remember, don't open the Hel(p) door. Once in, you should still have points leftover for couple of shots at the random weapons box. (By the way, to increase your fighting spirit, you might want to lower SX and jack up music, once in the Hel(p) room you may slice/shoot the radio to play music.) After this, continue to fight on, if you get overwhelmed while your magazine's empty, run around the Hel(p) room while reloading.

Here are some good weapon combos:

1. Main Gun(rounds 1-5): M1 Carbine

1. Secondary Gun: M1911 Pistol, Kar 98.

2. Main Gun:(Rounds 5-10)Trenchgun

2. Secondary Gun: .357 magnum/Thompson

3. Main(10-15): Mp40, Trench gun(loses power at round 10-11), .357 magnum, Thompson

3.Secondary: Ray Gun

4. Main(15-) Any HMG(Mg42 is great for close quarters and tight situations, but drains ammo quickly. Browning is better for medium distances, it is poor at close range, but conserves ammo and has slightly higher damage per bullet)

4. Secondary: Ray Gun

Note: The reason I put the ray gun as a secondary weapon is because it is the most valuable weapon available. Save it unless your MG run out and you are horded. I don't aim for the zombies usually, but directly underneath them on the floor. This kill clumps or turns them into crawlers, which can be useful.

Strategy 11Edit

First find 3 other players then have 3 players have a window while the other player has 2 windows.Up until about round 5 or 6 let the player who guarded the 2 windows open the HELP room then you have two chocies either buy a Thompson or you could press your luck and go with the Mystery Box(I prefer getting the Thompson since it a good Gun up untill round 10 or so)Either way 3 players should defend the first room while the lone player guards the HELP room (the lone player should be able to defend this room by him/herself) until you start to get overwhelmed you should clear the debris to get to the upper level and make a final stand where the gernades are (all players should go there) This strategy should lead you to at least round 20 (Dependes how many player got the ray gun). Also dont forget to use the Leave the Last Zombie strategy so that way you can get points for boarding up windows and giving you more time to get ready for the next round.

Strategy 12 (Making a Last Stand in The HELP Room)Edit

Start out at the above strategy but don't open up the HELP room instead wait until round 7 or 8 and the player with the most points clear the debris to the upper level then try to open the other debris back to the HELP room (without opening the HELP door) This makes the zombies only able to come in one place Player then need to decide to either buy a Thompson or get something from the Mystery Box whatever floats their boat. Then have 3 players guard the stairs from zombies while the lone player guards the windows the lone player can help out to maintain the other players just in case a zombie breakout come out but they must watch out for zombies in the windows or they will come up from behind try to hold out as long as you can if you get TOO rushed then go ahead and open the door and try to avoid the zombies while shooting them then its survival all from there. Don't forget to use the Leave the Last Zombie Strategy to get more points and chances to get good guns from the Mystery box and getting you more time to prepare for the next wave of Zombies.

Strategy 13 (If all else fails...)Edit

Flee! This strategy requires good luck, and is mainly situational. It is also good for getting high levels on Solo. First, get 1950+ points in the starting room (or enough points to get into the hel(p) room). Use the mystery box, and if it's an M2 Flamethrower, then continue. If not, don't worry. Either keep going or just keep trying the box. Once you have the flamethrower, all you need to do is constantly run around in a circle in the hel(p) room and spray the zombies with fire every so often. You will eventually proceed to the later rounds this way. Expect close calls! And don't go right into any corners - on later levels you can get surrounded very quickly (tested, worked until Round 13, when surrounded at the mystery box). In this situation it's best to have a quick backup weapon, as the Flamethrower overheats very quickly and won't get you through most hordes. If Insta-Kill drops, grab it (unless there are no zombies left), as the flamethrower will wreak havoc on the oncoming hordes. One advantage with this strategy is that there is no ammo trouble (except maybe with your secondary weapon). Use the 'Last Zombie' Strategy to repair any broken barricades (works best with a crawler).

Note: It may be a good idea to try running around either in the spawn room or upstairs. The only problem being that the spawn room is large and you can easily be trapped, and that upstairs requires more points and gives more areas for zombies to come through.

Trivia Edit

  • In the trailer, one of the unknown marines shouts "Take cover!!!", which is one of the exact same sound effects from the Call of Duty 3 trailer.
  • This mode is not available for the Wii version of the game.
  • The song that plays during the game over/scoring screen is called Lullaby For A Dead Man.
  • A Ray Gun can be bought in the Mystery box, which is only otherwise available in other Nazi Zombies levels, or through an easter egg on Little Resistance.
  • The Thompson buyzone incorrectly states that it costs 1500 points for the weapon, but it really costs 1200 points.
  • When crouching, the Sawed-Off Shotgun's reticle becomes smaller. In multiplayer, this does not happen.
  • Occasionally when you shoot a zombie right when it's about to hit you, it restarts the meleeing animation and buys you those few precious seconds that you can escape with.
  • Flames (from molotovs or the flamethrower) will burn the bushes outside. This can reveal zombie spawn points, where they will seem to appear out of thin air.
  • Nacht der Untoten is the only Nazi Zombies map to have any scoped bolt action rifles (the PTRS-41 technically being a semi-automatic rifle).
  • An eerie cackle can be heard at the beginning of the level and at the game over/scoring screen.
  • From round 11 and beyond, the tally marks are replaced by Arabic numerals. (12, 13, 14, etc.)
  • In the help room next to the mystery box lays a radio on the table. If you shoot/knife it then it will start playing music. Repeatedly striking the radio cycles through all the songs.
  • The building in which the players defend themselves resembles one of the buildings from the multiplayer map Airfield, as well as the single-player mission Hard Landing, with some minor differences.
  • When Nacht der Untoten is selected from the single-player solo mission selection, there is a special opening cut-scene. The cut-scene shows the perspective of a survivor from a crashed B17 bomber and an advancing wave of zombies on the horizon. Strained breathing can be heard from the survivor, in addition to perspective "blackouts" when the cut-scene fades and then refocuses.
  • There have been cases due to extreme lag that the host starts out on his back with no gun, and cant get a secondary weapon.
  • It is unknown if the crashed aircraft had to make an emergency landing or was shot down by another force. The downed plane does not have any Axis markings on it and it is damaged quite a bit, suggesting that the aircraft was brought down by hostile forces.
  • The crashed plane found outside the building can also be found in the single-player mission Hard Landing, after the player has assaulted the building full of enemies and prior to attacking the tanks with the Bazooka. By using Rifle Grenades, it is possible to jump out of the building and find the plane.
  • Scattered around the bottom floor there are helmets and blood stains, possibly suggesting that the person you play as was not the only survivor, though they'd be have died before your character/characters make it there, supported by the unfinished 'HELP' on the door in the first room, the sandbags blocking off the windows and the two messages near the stairwells.
  • On the official site, on the Mysterious Radio Transmissions intel, it says "ever since the second outbreak at Nacht Der Untoten", possibly indicating another zombie outbreak before the one in Nacht Der Untoten although it most likely relates to where it all started, Der Riese.
  • There are many signs that indicate this area is somewhere near Germany, or in a German occupation area. One thing that supports this is the Nazi Zombies themselves; if this took place in Airfield, there would not be any Nazis around. Another thing that supports this is that the truck by the barred area has a swastika on it. One final example is that in the "Hel(p)" room, there is a chest with the German phrase, "Eigentum der Deutschen Wehrmacht", translating to "Property of the German Armed Forces".
  • It is also thought that the character could be in the USAF or RAF because of the crashed plane. Though the character models look exactly like a United States Marines, so it is likely that the character is affiliated with the American forces. This may be supported if the characters are taken to be the same as in Verruckt, as one of the quotes heard in the new map is "you picked on the wrong marine", showing that they are indeed American.
  • When coming down the "help room" stairs, zombies can sometimes float down through the floor into the help room.
  • A mod for the PC version of this game allows you to play with the modern weapons of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
  • If you use the PTRS and shoot at the shins or boots of a zombie, it is possible to make a crawler.
  • In the trailer the person who you see still alive might be Barron from Black Cats.
  • On the iPod touch and iPhone versions of the game, the ray gun is significantly less powerful. It becomes a 2-hit kill at round 11, 3-hit kill at round 15, 4-hit kill at round 19, 5-hit kill at round 21, and so on and so forth.
  • On the iPod touch and iPhone version it is impossible to reload cancel by attempting to switch weapons, you must use the knife to stop reloading.
  • On the iPod touch and iPhone app of the game the radio easter egg still works.
  • The radio can sometimes be heard playing some German Military songs like Preussens Gloria and Königgrätzer Marsch to name a few.
  • Hell room is a popular nickname for the help room due to the fact that the unfinished letter "P" looks like an "L".
  • This is a popular zombie map due to the fact it is free.