First released picure of Der Riese

Der Riese (German for "The Giant"), also known as Zombie Factory, is the fourth and final map in the Nazi Zombies game mode, featured in Call of Duty: World at War. It is set in a secret Nazi facility in Germany, and features teleportation and a Pack-A-Punch machine, which can upgrade your weapons. It was released in Map Pack 3, along with three multiplayer maps. The Map Pack was released on August 6th.

The Map Edit

Rooms Edit

Starting Room/Mainframe Edit

Der Riese is set in a secret Nazi Factory in Germany. It has several rooms in it. The starting room is just outside the factory itself. There are four barricades against the Zombies. Two at either side of the mainframe, one to the side of the power generator, and one down a staircase. There are two doors that leave the starting room and lead to the right/left factory rooms.

In This room:
Pack-a-punch Machine' - 5000 points per use, locked until all three teleporters are linked and power is turned on.
Gewehr 43' - 600 points
Kar98k' - 200 points
Mainframe - used to connect teleporters, all teleporters lead here
Radio - Beside a barrel under a ledge near the entrance to the staircase barricade

Right Factory Room Edit

After opening the door on the right there is a door to the right hallway. There is a railing above in which the Zombies can jump down from. There are also two barricades in which Zombies can break through. There is also a door that will open when the electricity is turned on, connecting this room to the mystery box spawning room. There is a locked door leading to the right hallway.

In This room:
Double Barreled Shotgun' - 1200 points

Right Hallway (Hangar)Edit

After opening the door in the right factory room, you come in here. In here you will find a staircase leading to a box barricade. Two barricades are in here.

In This room:
Thompson' - 1200 points
Mystery Box Spawns at the far wall adjacent to the furnace.
Monkey bomb - in the furnace, only there after fly trap is activated

Left Factory Room Edit

After opening the door on the left, there are two barricades and a door leading to the left hallway. There is also a door that will open when the electricity is turned on, connecting this room to the mystery box spawning room.

In This room:
M1A1 Carbine' - 600 points
Fly Trap

Teddy Bear - In a window up high only there if the fly trap is activated

Left Hallway (Animal Testing Lab) Edit

After opening the door in the left factory room, you will come to this hallway. It contains the trench gun and three barricades. There is a staircase leading to a box barricade and another locked door leading to Teleporter A.

In This room:
Trench Gun' - 1500 points
Mystery Box Spawns across from Trench Gun
Teddy Bear with Juggernog and C-3000 B1atche5- In a cage near to the right of the Trench Gun only there if the fly trap is activated
Spinal cord - two of them are sitting across from each other on a desk and on top of some shelves
Radio - Above door to the right of the mystery box spawn

Teleporter A Room (Generator room) Edit

In the Left Hallway is a locked door, this door leads to this room. It contains one of the teleporters. There are also two barricades in here.

In This room:
MP40' - 1000 points
Mystery Box Spawns in front of the teleporter
Radio - On the lower level in the furnace near the right staircase

Teleporter B Room (Chemical testing room) Edit

After opening the locked door in the Right Balcony, the player will enter a room containing yet another Teleporter. It contains 2 barricades which zombies can access.

In This room:
Type 100' - 1000 points
Mystery Box Spawns in the doorway to the left if facing teleporter.
Spinal Cord - on a desk beside the barricade in the side room
Radio - Activated by hitting the 'use' button when aiming at one of the ladders of the contained with a body floating in it

Mystery Box Spawning Room/Courtyard Edit

After opening either box barricade in either hallway, you appear on a balcony and a section just outside the Factory. If the player jumps off the roof, they will come across the mystery box, sitting next to the power generator. There are doors leading to Teleporter Room C and Teleporter Room B. When the power is turned on, a bridge folds down connecting the two balconies and the room connects with the left and right factory rooms. There are many barricades in this room.

In This room:
Left Balcony:
Jugger-Nog' - 2500 points
Bouncing Betties' - 1000 points
'Right Balcony:
Double Tap Root Beer' - 2000 points
Radio - On a tipped filing cabinet left of the door to Z-B
Main Courtyard:
Power Switch is behind the Generator
Mystery Box Spawns in front of Generator
Outer area (Outside Factory):
FG42' - 1500 points
Speed Cola' - 3000 points

Teleporter C Room (Main factory area) Edit

After opening the door in the Mystery Box spawning room, it leads to a building in the factory. Inside the building, the final Teleporter lies. There is also a set of stairs where a barricade is blocking Nazi Zombies approaching from a cave. There is a balcony outside and is used to fire down on Zombies approaching the building.

In This room:
Quick Revive' - 1500 points
STG-44' - 1200 points
Bowie Knife' - 3000 points

Mystery Box Spawns at the end of the catwalk above Bowie Knife
Radio - two of them are in here, one on a shelf in front of the staircase and another one at the end of the underground alley

Electricity Edit

This is the third map using electricity, but the second which requires it to be switched on. It is necessary to switch on the electricity so that the teleporters can be linked so that the Pack-a-Punch Machine can be used. It is also necessary for opening the doors in the right and left factory rooms, lowering the bridge connecting the right and left hallways, and powering the Perk-a-Cola machines. Unless playing solo, the player can have someone flip the switch before buying Juggernog or Bouncing Betties and jumping down.

Teleporters Edit

Linking the teleporters requires the player to approach it and hold the action button. Once doing, this a timer will appear for 30 seconds. Within this time the player must return to the original room (spawn room) and link it to the mainframe. Only by linking all three teleporters to the mainframe can the pack-a-punch machine be used. Every time a teleporter is linked, the door opens a little more. It costs 1500 to teleport, and teleporting can only be accomplished by going from one node to the mainframe, never vice versa or to another node.

Sometimes, the demonic girl announcer will say "uh-oh" and no power-up will be dropped. It is then possible for a Hellhound to appear after the teleporter is used. After heavy use of the teleporters, groups of up to four Hellhounds can appear at once after each teleport, either along with or replacing a power-up drop. This becomes more likely as the rounds progress, and can even happen while the teleporters are being linked.

If the player goes outside of the map, a large black rectangular box can be seen. If reaching the inside, the same swirl that appears when the player teleports appears. It is here that the player is sent instead of directly to the mainframe. There are four of these rooms, one for each player. If someone went inside of these boxes, and someone were to teleport, the person teleporting would see the person inside the box. It is also quite possible the player is sent here in with collision off (so the player won't fall), as the weapon is put away.

Hellhounds Edit

Hellhounds walk about the map, limping until they spot players, at which point they ignite and attack. The monkey bomb does not work on Hellhounds. After round 15, Hellhounds will spawn with the zombies, at the same time.

It is possible that, after heavy use of the teleporters, Hellhounds appear and attack. At first, one Hellhound may appear instead of a power-up. Then, clusters of four Hellhounds begin to appear, and will continue to appear after every subsequent teleport. It is possible for both a power-up and a quartet of hounds to spawn after a teleport.

When the dogs are walking, they are invulnerable to all weapons, excluding the Wunderwaffe, or the electro-shock barriers. Hitting a dog with anything else will cause it to start sprinting. A dog's health will not increase after round 20 or so. They will always be killed by two bowie knifes (one on the first two waves), or a single magazine of a non upgraded Thompson.

Pickups Edit

All the original pick-ups appear in this map, along with a new one. Insta-Kill and Double Points both last for 30 seconds.

Max Ammo (A machine gun ammo box, overflowing with ammo belts) which gives all players full ammo for all guns. Note that this will not refill the clip that you are currently using.
Nuke (A nuclear bomb) which kills all of the zombies on the map. (Also gives 400 points to each player) Note that there is a delay between getting the Nuke, and the zombies dieing.
Insta-Kill (A skull) which makes all of the zombies a one hit kill with any weapon. The player will receive 110 points per kill (100 and 10, separately). If the player knifes the zombie, and the zombie would of died from the knife if insta-kill were not active, then the player receives 130 points from the kill.
Double Points (A "X2") which doubles all points given to all players when killing a zombie or rebuilding a barrier.
The Carpenter (A hammer) which rebuilds all windows in the map. (Also gives 200 points to each player, if any windows were fixed)

After teleporting a random power-up is sometimes dropped, or 1-4 Hellhounds are spawned (as the round number increases, the likelihood of nothing, or dogs spawning becomes greater). It is possible for more than 4 Hellhounds to spawn.

Achievements/Trophies Edit

  • Elevate Your Senses - Activate the Fly Trap.
  • Locksmith - Open all the doors in the map (in one game).
  • 40 Knives - Kill 40 zombies using the Bowie knife (in one game)(is bought off the wall for 3000 and replaces the player's knife).
  • Der Electrician - Link all of the teleport pads before Round 7.
  • Frequent Flyer - Use the teleporter 8 times(in one game)
  • Wacker Packer - Upgrade any weapon using the Pack-a-Punch Machine.
  • The Might of the Monkey - Use the Monkey Bomb.
  • Perkaholics Anonymous - Survive until Round 20 without buying a single perk.
  • Acquire Waffle Weapons - Obtain the Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the Monkey Bomb at the same time in a game.
  • Pack Addict - Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack-a-Punch Machine (in one game).

Easter Eggs Edit

  • To find the musical Easter egg the player needs to press "action" on the 3 green glowing jars that appear to have spines in them. 2 of the jars are in the animal testing lab, and the third one is Teleporter B is located, in a side room. The song that plays is Beauty of Annihilation. There is no specific order in which these need to be done.
  • Near teleporter B going onto the balcony, in the destroyed building across the street; legs of a hanging person can be seen (similar to hanging people on previous two maps). If shot, feathers seem to come out.
  • There is a readable message inside an Air Conditioning unit on the lower side of the bridge that lowers with the power. It is viewable by looking through a crack in the unit with a PTRS's scope. It reads: "In the event of any critical failure, you are instructed to take your cyanide tablet that's included in your field operations kit. In the event that you have misplaced yours, there are several methods that will accomplish the same task. For example, the best..." (end of page.)
  • Another book can be seen outside of the map. It appears to have the page prior to this page. It reads: "It is the responsibility of absolute secrecy. No one is to know what you do, where you work, our research has uncovered, or what our purpose will be. You will have no further contact with your governments, or with your families. Your decision to fully dedicate your lives to Group 935 is absolute. Attached is your field operations manual which will direct you should our mission get compromised. We cannot afford to let this power fall into the wrong hands, and therefore the field operations manual should be considered your bible. Make your preparations now. A new dawn is beginning for mankind. Dr. L. Maxis"
  • In addition to this message, there are several messages written on the walls that can be clearly seen.
  • In the alleyway on the right (facing away from the Pack-a-Punch machine) there is a distinct shadow of an upright teddy bear on the wall.
  • In the starting area if looking down, one of the drains to the left of the stairs, a note with random symbols on it can be found. Those symbols say "Edward it's time to kill Maxis.
  • Throwing a Monkey Bomb into the furnace, will make it scream. After it explodes, a little girl (probably Samantha) says "Why are you so cruel to Mr. Monkey? Mr. Monkey just wanted to PLAY!"
  • Opening the door to the right from where the player spawns, by the Double-Barreled Shotgun, looking down, the player should see some wood panels. A few panels will be broken and inside there is a note. (Best read when playing solo mission, and leave a crawler.) The message reads: " produced by bombarding an Americium-243 nucleus with a Calcium 48 nucleus. It then decays (writing is blurred)... after further decay a meta-stable isatope is formed. This leads us to believe that transference of matter is indeed possible, and even the re-animation of b... (faded, but it is presumed to be beings)" It may say this since in reality Element 115, Ununpentium, is made by combining Americium and Calcium together.
  • Written near the doors leading to the teleporters on the walls is a message reading "Return Through Aether"
  • The room with the Quick Revive has a sign at the entrance that says "L. Maxis, MD Office" showing that that room was Dr. Maxis's office and might have been the head scientist.
  • On the roofs of some buildings, the words "help" and "SOS" or "505" are visible. They seem to be formed from sand bags and planks.
  • If a player goes up to a perk machine and goes prone in front if it they will receive a free 25 points, possible from change underneath the machine.
  • In the underground tunnel near Z-C, there is a gold plaque behind the staircase reading "Ludvig Maxis"
  • In the Thompson Room, there is a brick that will sink into the ground and revealing a note if pressed and holding the use button while looking at it. (It's a small, differently colored brick at the end of the big pile of rubble underneath the Thompson).
  • In the Z-C teleporter room under the platform of the teleporter there is a broken piece of wood which reads ENG. Near teleporter Z-B there is a similar sign reading GER. Lastly there is another sign by teleporter Z-A reading FRA. It may be that these stand for England, Germany and France. This perhaps indicates where each teleporter was intended to transport the user to, if not to the mainframe.
  • In the Z-B teleporter room there is a torn note which translates "The bees disappeared from Ludwigs village. " This is interesting, as the bees must be a reference to the zombies, as both travel in large groups. Ludwigs village is obviously Der Riese, because Ludwig is Dr Ludvig Maxis, and Der Riese was his operation. This means that the zombies disappeared from Der Riese, and went out into the world causing havoc. This explains how the zombies got away from Der riese, their place of origin, and ended up in places such as Wittenbau Sanitorium (Verruckt) and Shi No Numa.
  • At Juggernog, there is a sign that reads: "Unsupervised Children will be instantly sold to the circus!". This sign is also found in Verruckt.
  • At the Mystery Box location near the Trench Gun, there is a sign, which has 3 bulletpoints. The first one reads "Did not resist in Paris". The other 2 bulletpoints or so far unknown to what they say. This may be connected with the Paris photo noted below.
  • At the Trench Gun Mystery Box spawn, behind the mystery box is a board, with lots of torn notes and pictures. There is a picture of a Zombie in front of the Eiffel Tower in France. There is also a picture of a Hellhound. Another picture shows a horde of zombies, presumably escaping from Der Riese.
  • All the chalkboards have the words "Experiment 935 was a success" written in English. It also reads things such as "HYENA, Edward I know it was you, why won't it work and more."
  • In the Z-C teleporter room there is a board with "die glocke ist jetat Malaile" (translation: the bell is now mobile.) pinned on the upper left, and "folgen Sie dem Gesamtplan" (translation:follow the entire plan) pinned on the bottom right.
  • In the Trench Gun hallway, there is a door with a danger sign and a hellhound's head on it. There is also a lot of blood on the floor here, and as such this is thought to be the room where Dr. Maxis and his daughter Samantha were killed by the first Hellhound; previously Samantha's pet dog Fluffy.
  • One of Richtofen's quotes; "Fluffy, is that you?", is a reference to Fluffy.
  • At the bottom of the cave in the starting area there are codes that read 'living dead'.
  • There are also several locations of books around the map (the field manual).

Features Edit

  • The Monkey bomb is a new weapon in Der Riese. It is a Cymbal-Banging Monkey Toy that has what appears to be dynamite attached to its back. It is used by pressing the secondary grenade button. When thrown, the distraction cause the zombies to crowd around it until it explodes.
  • Perk machines and electric defenses return in this map.
  • The Pack-a-Punch machine, which can upgrade your weapons, is featured in the map. When upgraded, the weapons have a new platinum-esque finish with what seem to be engravings on it and are upgraded to make them more effective.
  • The Bowie Knife is another new weapon. When bought, it takes the place of the normal knife. It is a one-hit-kill weapon, up to, approximately, Round 12, and costs 3000 points to purchase.
  • Teleporters have been added too. In order to activate them, you must go to one teleporter, activate it, then quickly link it to the mainframe. You have a stopwatch at the top left corner of the screen that indicates how much time you have left to link it to the mainframe. If you succeed, you can teleport from activated pads to the mainframe.
  • The map uses some environmental elements from Nightfire.
  • The FG-42 is now a weapon that can now be bought off the wall for 1500 points.
  • To use the Perk-a-Cola machines, the power must once again be re-activated, like in Verruckt.
  • Turning on the power also has the side effect of closing the bridge and opening two doors that link the left and right areas.
  • On the pause screen, a map of the level will appear, unlike the previous maps.
  • Zombies can now climb certain ledges and fences.
  • The Mystery Box is once again pointed at by a trail of light from the sky. This time, however, the light is blue and comparatively harder to spot, let alone tell where the box is. Also due to the higher buildings and close box respawn areas the box may be hard to pin-point to unseasoned players.
  • There is a solar eclipse occurring in the map when playing in a full-screen game mode, but when playing Split-screen two player, it's around Midnight.

Strategies Edit

Strategy 1 Edit

  • 4-Players recommended and Headsets are also very useful but not necessary.

An excellent strategy is to wait until about mid-level 4 and then proceed to turn on the power, alternating who opens the doors(based on who has the most points).

  • NOTE: You'll want to have access to either side's weapons(Trench gun, Thompson, Double-barreled shotgun, Type 100, Mystery Box, etc.) BEFORE level 5 as Hellhounds may start appear at round 5+ and are more difficult to fend off using the starter room weapons.

After activating the power it's a good idea to "camp" in the power generator alley way(occasionally using the Mystery Box to get better weapons and allowing all your teammates to use it AT LEAST ONCE so that everyone has a chance of getting a good weapon) to build up enough points to eventually open the doors leading to the teleporters. It is suggested that you have all the teleporters linked to the mainframe by level 10. The easiest way to do this is to save a zombie nearing the end of a round and have one person "lead" it around while the others activate the teleporters. To make this process even easier, use a grenade to turn the last zombie(s) into a "crawler".

  • NOTE: Keep the zombie away from the mainframe as it will kill any zombie(s) near it when activated. Also, a power up will appear when linked to or teleporter is used. If the power up is a nuke("ka-boom") DO NOT get it until everyone is ready to move on, or simply allow it to fade away. It's also a good idea to have some sort of fully automatic weapon early on in order to build up points faster(any variation of MG). At this point one of the best places to camp in is the teleporter room directly behind the power generator, at the back of the catwalk in the corner where the Mystery Box may appear(above the Bowie Knife).

Some people/groups like to put one person at the window(where the zombies come through), one person sniping down at oncoming zombies, and 2 people aiming down the stairs. The problems with this is that occasionally the person at the window will be downed(it DOES happen) allowing zombies through leaving everyone else completely vulnerable. Having a person always sniping down also increases the chances of getting a good power-up in the alley where no one can get it.

Having everyone in the Mystery Box corner aiming down the catwalk is more effective as the zombies can only come at you from one direction, making it less likely for someone to be downed. 1 person should occasionally be looking down at the power generator alleyway to relay how many zombies are still coming. This is important as you should save a zombie at the end of every round in order to buy perks, upgrade(pack-a-punch), or get ammo off the walls(if you have that specific weapon). If done properly one person(at a time) will lead the crawler around while the others use the Mystery Box and upgrade. It's also a good idea to get Bouncing Betties and lay them where you camp, just in case a zombie or Hellhound makes it in close.

  • NOTE: Your formation should be 2 people in front and 2 in the back. The two in front should ALWAYS be crouching and should be the ONLY ones attempting to get power-ups. Also, try taking turns firing(2 people at a time). There's no need(until very high levels, 30+) for all 4 players to be firing at once. This is just a HUGE waste of ammo and leaves you open when everyone's reloading at the same time! Help out if you absolutely need to but don't just shoot just to shoot.

By level 20 you should have at least one decent upgraded gun(if not 2), Bouncing Betties, Juggernog, Speed Cola, and the Bowie Knife(The Bowie Knife is completely optional. It's good to have for when you're downed and don't have a good pistol weapon. Get it when you've got a lot of points to spare). There's also a good chance that someone will have Monkey Bombs. From here, continue to save "crawlers" at the end of each round, or every second round, in order to refill wall-based weapons, Mystery Box-Pack-a-Punch combo, and to re-buy any perks that might have been lost.

NOTE If you use this strategy, be warned: it is very difficult to escape from this area if you and your team are getting overwhelmed. Virtually every exit has zombies swarming around, and any mines that could help would be destroyed during the round. Be confident that your team has powerful weapons and that you will last a long time, because there is not much in the way of escape. However, you can beat this lack of escape by putting one person on the catwalk barricade, one on the tunnel, and 2 guarding the door to the building.

Strategy 2 Edit

  • Another strategy that involves 4 players is to camp on the left balcony near the Jugger-nog machine and Bouncing Betties.
  • For the first two rounds, players should watch one window each and simply let the zombies break in and then knife them.
  • When round three is reached, hopefully a max-ammo has been dropped so there is no need to buy any of the starting rooms weapons. If not, then buy one of the weapons. (It is not advised for all 4 players to buy the Kar98k, Have at least 2 people buy the Gewehr 43 as they are much better given the fact that they are semi-automatic and can be used at close range.
  • When round four ends, the player with most points open the door leading to the Double Barreled Shotgun. After that, another player opens the door leading to the M1 Thompson. Have all players buy the Thomson because, each player having a fully automatic gun before round 5 is a huge advantage. Also, ammo for the gun can be easily bought for half the price rather than going to the mystery box. (NOTE: the player who opens the first door should not open the second even if he/she still has the most points. They should only open it if they have enough points to buy the Thomson afterwards. However, you don't want them to be left with little points so to make things fair, have the second person with the most points open the second door.) After everyone has bought a Thompson, the player who has the most points, or the 2 players who did not open the first 2 doors buys the barricade up on the stairs leading to the mystery box.
  • From rounds 5-10ish camp in the ally way with the Mystery box and Power generator. Players should try the Mystery box occasionally to try and get a better gun. Do not use it too much as you do not want it to move. Also, try to get Jugger-nog, Speed Cola and Quick Revive. Before Round 11, players should have linked the teleporters, have the 3 perks and should have a better gun than the Thomson, (e.g. MG42, Browning, Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe, PPSH.) Now, you can no longer camp in the ally way because the factory door behind you is opened and you will get attacked from behind. So, use strategy 1 for 2-3 rounds and camp up by the catwalk. By rounds 13-14, players should have a good gun upgraded. (Please take note that for the next camping area to work, One player NEEDS an upgraded Ray Gun and another player NEEDS an upgraded Wunderwaffe. One player cannot have both, If you have a Ray Gun and you try the Mystery box and the Wunderwaffe appears, do not take it. The same applies to having a Wunderwaffle and a Ray Gun appears.)
  • Now, at the end of round 14, leave a crawler and head to the camping spot (Once again, one player needs an upgraded Ray Gun, and another needs an upgraded Wunderwaffle. The other two players need an upgraded gun too (guns recommended for them are listed at the bottom.)
  • Head to the left balcony by crossing the bridge and have the two players with the Ray gun and Wunderwaffe watch the bridge. (This is where 80% of the zombies will be coming from)
  • The other two players head down the small set of stairs and turn left to where the betties and Jugger-nog machine is. One player watches the window next to the Jugger-nog machine and the other player watches the window directly across from the machine. (The window is sort of dug into the wall.)
  • Have all four players buy betties and place some on the small set of stairs, some in the little hallway that contains the buying area for them (HOWEVER, not too close to the wall directly across from the buying area as zombies coming to the window near the Jugger-nog machine will set them off and they might die too! Sometimes, a player will be holding a zombie at that window and another player who forgot to place his/her betties down from the previous round, will put one close to the wall and the zombie will die. Then the round will end and everybody will be caught off guard and will likely die rushing back to their spots!) Back to the planting areas, some up the stairs where the two people watching the bridge are, and some in the little area that contains the Jugger-nog machine and two windows. Do not put them too close to the windows though. If none explode, when a dog round comes, 5-10 will be killed by the betties.
  • Roles each person plays: the two people up at the bridge will be getting A LOT of the action, the person with the Ray gun takes out most of the zombies coming across the bridge and when he/she needs to reload,(or feels as if he/she needs help), the person with the Wunderwaffle fires and takes out a large crowd. The players watching the windows have a much smaller role, they need to prevent the zombies from breaking in and near the end of a round, they must try to hold a zombie at a window so fellow players can use the teleporters to try and get a max ammo or upgrade there second gun. Although zombies can attack through windows, if the zombie is standing to your left and breaking in, simply stay to the right almost on an angle and repair the one plank he keeps breaking off.


What to have:

Players up near bridge:

  • Upgraded Wunderwaffe DG-2.
  • Upgraded Ray Gun.
  • A good upgraded back up gun (ex. MG42, Browning M1919, PPSh-41).
  • Jugger-nog, Speed cola and Quick revive.
  • Bouncing Betties.

Players watching windows:

  • Speed cola, Jugger-nog, and Quick Revive.
  • Two Good upgraded guns (ex. Ray Gun, MG42, Browning, PPSh-41, any fully automatic besides the upgraded M1A1 Carbine.)
  • Bouncing Betties.


Possibly the most important aspect of any camping spot is the egress route. When the round is almost over, have a player hold a zombie at the window or keep a crawler. Then, go to the first floor (enter via the door under the MP-40) and place spare Bouncing Betties along the path from the staircase (the one that is near Jugger-nog) to the teleporter behind the animal cages. When the players get overwhelmed, they can unlock the barrier on the staircase from their camping spot and run down the path. The mines will hold the zombies off for a while. One player can go to activate the electric barrier in the area to hold off the other zombies while the rest wait at the teleporter. When the zombies get right on top of everyone at the teleporter, activate it to destroy them and escape. The hiding spot will be compromised, but you will still be alive to try something else.

Strategy 3 Edit

  1. First, a 4 man team equipped with headsets is needed.
  2. Have one player go to guard all the windows. Have one zombie break through, if there are more than one zombies at a window just kill all but one. Once the last zombie gets through knife him and player will be awarded with a powerup or, hopefully a max ammo.
  3. When round 4 comes around, get the player with the second most points and third most points to open the doors to the Thompson room.
  4. If the Hellhounds come at round 5, get the player with the most points to clear the debris and go to the bridge but not jump down, have two people get Double Barrel Shottys and at least 1 person buy the Thompson. Use coordination so that when both shotgun wielders reload, the Thompson wielder fires. If this is done right, then the Hellhounds should be no trouble. Remember to reload weapons if a max ammo is dropped BEFORE grabbing it.
  5. When the Hellhound round is over, jump down and open the Mystery Box. Activate the power. Whatever it is, trade it for the pistol, as it is better taking the gun than wasting the time having the weapon go back inside the box. Make sure everyone has a chance of obtaining a weapon before trying again.
  6. If the teddy bear appears, then find it as quickly as possible, looking up, player should see a beam of purple light, that is where the Mystery Box is. It can appear in 6 potential locations, the generator, the catwalk behind the generator, The ledge next to the teleporter, the adjacent room to the furnace next to the Thompson, the animal lab next to the charts and in front of the MP40 teleporter. If a person needs a weapon, then open the doors to find it and don't abandon teammates waiting for their weapon.
  7. By round 8 or 9, the teleporters should be linked. Get to the catwalk behind the generator. Have a player with a longer range gun watch incoming zombies and pick them off. When the last zombie comes the player should jump down and toss a grenade to create a crawler. If a crawler has been made, then three players should go to one teleporter each. The last player go to the mainframe. The player going to the Trench Gun area should head across the bridge and clear the debris rather than open the door. Once all three teleporters are linked, then all players that have enough points should Pack a Punch their more powerful guns. If everyone is ready, kill the crawler and head back to the catwalk.
  8. Now, hopefully from a lot of cracks at the box, getting a good gun like the MGs, Wunderwaffe or Ray Gun works, slaughter all zombies and have a player create another crawler to go pack a punch their other weapons or buy perks.
  9. Players with the MG's should their MG, a Ray Gun or Magnum as their secondary, as perks they should have Juggernog and Speed Cola since they will be at the front taking the bulk of the enemies.
  10. The Player with the upgraded Wunderwaffe needs Speed Cola and a powerful SMG like the upgraded PPSh. He will be behind the Machine Gunners zapping the crowd when the MG guys reload.
  11. The Player with the Ray Gun needs another powerful weapon for long range kills like the upgraded PTRS. He will be behind the Wunderwaffe player reducing incoming zombies. He will need Speed Cola and Double Tap.
  12. The player with the Ray Gun or Wunderwaffe should also have Monkey Bombs handy to save downed teammates. They have the most mobility so they can throw the Monkey and go revive that player. The player with the monkeys should also have fast revive so they have additional time to regroup.
  13. Be sure to reload every chance you get and Good Luck!

Strategy 4 Edit

  • First make sure all players have mics, as they are necessary for communication. Also make sure everyone stays at their own window.
  • Knife zombies during the early rounds, then open the doors leading to the Thompson. Proceed to the box. Remember whoever opened the last stairs leading to the box should get first spin. Now everyone should all have Thompson's and any weapon from the box.
  • Everyone camp by the first box until it moves, then achieve a crawler and link up the teleporters.
  • One man is needed by the generator holding the zombies off from there.
  • One man up on the catwalk by the window, jugger-nog and a wunnder-waffe equipped is a good idea. Player will guard the window and help out the guy in the courtyard(by the first box)
  • The next guy will be in the tunnel under the Quick Revive room, he will guard the window.
  • Finally, the last man will be guarding the window by the quick revive machine.


  • The man in the courtyard and the man on the catwalk window should be the better players.
  • Upgraded guns are required after rounds 12-13.

General Tips/Notes Edit

  • Max Ammo: One of THE most important things. After the Hellhound rounds allow everyone to reload before getting the Max Ammo. If player is mid-round it is best to give as much time possible for other players to reload without leaving an opening for zombies to get through. If in a pinch, grab the Max Ammo (providing it's safe). Some ammo is better than none. If player has any monkey bombs, it is a good idea to throw them before grabbing it, as they will be replenished anyway, and it gifts the opportunity to reload.
  • After getting a semi-powerful gun, such as the Thompson, the main priority is juggernaut. It serves no purpose to have a decent weapon only to die and lose it. It is advised simply to buy the Thompson off the wall, as this will guarantee a decent weapon, and the ability to get juggernaut early.
  • Sometimes when using a teleporter a powerup appears be ready to pick it up but be wary because a Hellhound might appear.
  • Use "Reload Canceling" to reduce reload times. Very useful early on when Speed Cola has not yet been obtained. However, when armed with Speed Cola, it's still advantageous to reload cancel anyways as it reduces reload time even more.
  • The "spotter" (the person occasionally looking out the window) should let other players know in advance when the horde begins to thin out so the team knows when it's safe to jump down and make a crawler.
  • Try not to activate the power immediately when first jumping down, getting a better chance of obtaining a powerful gun, plus it reduces ways zombies can come through giving less areas to guard.
  • The spotter shouldn't be sniping down all the time as they may get a useful power up, such as a Max Ammo, which no one will be able to get.
  • Don't get greedy. If a power up appears, throw a Monkey Bomb or wait for a Nuke ("Ka-Boom")- another reason why the spotter shouldn't be going crazy in the alleyway. A lot of the time players will lose a game because someone got greedy and tried to get something they shouldn't have tried to get.
  • Stick together! Especially at the Mystery Box whenever it moves. One of the biggest reasons players lose is because they abandon a teammate waiting for their weapon and gets downed. Then they rush to revive him only to get downed themselves. Often stand guard while the other player gets their weapon. While getting a gun, another player should be watching the windows.
  • The Bowie Knife ALWAYS kills Hellhounds in two melees, so it is important to have in the later levels. It is even more important because it stays with the player even after they die, and can be a great defense if they respawn during a Hellround without any reliable weapons. In lower rounds, it may be desirable, as it is one hit kill up to round 11-13 (differs in each game), and earns 130 points per kill. Juggernaut is a must if the player is going to be using the bowie as a main weapon however.
  • If someone gets downed, allow the person in direct contact to revive them. For example, the person directly beside or directly behind, and NEVER the person at an angle(even if they have Quick Revive) as this will disrupt formation. Generally, the person with the weaker weapon revives.
  • Activate Electro Shock Defenses whenever possible, it slows down and softens up zombies. This is useful when having a weaker weapon.
  • BOUNCING BETTIES: Don't waste betties by placing them where you're not going to be. Put them slightly behind the character, or at the fallback position(where players can camp). There's no point on placing them way up in front as they'll only hit the first few zombies of the first wave of that round (results could end up hitting only one zombie with it). If placing them near (or at the fallback location) they'll give some breathing room if player happens to be caught reloading or reviving. Also, keep one at all times, as when achieving a max ammo, player will have two betties.
  • When having Monkey Bombs, don't forget the use them! A lot of times people forget they even have them and won't use them! If a potential threat to the players team arises, throw one into the alley or in the room below just to be sure.
  • Aim high. Obviously body shots and headshots down zombies more quickly and are more effective but also, in later rounds, crawlers can be hard to spot in the sea of dead bodies. Standing up can make this much easier, especially when lagging.
  • The teleporter will immediately kill any zombies within range when activated. The same happens when someone appears in the mainframe.
  • Only one player can have the Wunderwaffe DG-2/DG-3 at a time. If someone already has it don't waste points on the Mystery Box trying to get another one.
  • Overuse of the teleporters will cause Hellhounds to spawn at and around the mainframe. Be mindful of how many times they have been used.
  • Until higher rounds, double tap may not be necessary. It causes ammo loss at a much higher rate, and those who are not familiar with burst firing will find themselves out of ammo extremely quickly. In higher rounds however, it may be needed, as it dramatically increases the ability to deal damage.
  • The player that clears the debris should get the first shot at the Mystery Box. He/She deserves another weapon for sacrificing points for everyone.
  • Do not take other players' windows at early rounds, everybody needs to rack up some points so that they can buy weapons, use the Mystery Box, link teleports and open doors.
  • Double tap works well on weapons such as the BAR, Browning M1919, and the MP40 because although they are all fully automatic, they all have a very slight pause between shots. Adding double tap basically eliminates the pause.
  • Non upgraded guns will not be effective after round 12.
  • During the first few rounds, only kill the zombies with knifes. Also, unless you get a max ammo, only shoot zombies which are lined up (with the pistol) 6*(the round number) in the leg. This will guarantee maximum points, which are important in early rounds.
  • Stealing kills in earlier rounds does not matter, assuming two conditions are satisfied. You are stealing the kill with a knife, as to get the maximum points possible. The person with the most points opens the doors, regardless of what they have already opened. Whether the person has a Thompson, or juggernaut is of course factored in, and 1200/2500 are taken from their points to see who can afford it most comfortably.

Trivia Edit

  • Waffenfabrik Der Riese, the words seen on the wall at the beginning of the trailer, are German for "Arms Factory - The Giant"
  • In reality, a factory named Der Riese is believed to be where the original "Die Glocke" was made.
  • Breslau, the location of Der Riese, is the German name for Wrocław, a city in modern-day Poland. It is a series of seven underground structures linked together.
  • Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai are the playable characters. (How they survive is somewhat revealed from the trailer. At the beginning you hear Tank asking if everyone's okay, and Nikolai complaining that he feels like he needs to throw up. Afterward, Richtofen tells Nikolai it is a side effect. It could be assumed that they were somehow teleported to the factory.)
  • Every fully upgraded weapon seems to have a red flash when fired, except for the M2 flamethrower, panzershrek and the Colt M1911.
  • When a player uses a teleporter, words or phrases written on the walls in the level can show up, as well as close ups of zombies' heads and the picture of Richtofen seen in the loading screen for Shi No Numa.
  • The zombies appear dirtier and more corpse-like than previous zombies.
  • Crawlers now jump and grab planks of wood to break down barricades.
  • The man in the first image released bears a slight resemblance with the man in the cover art of the game.
  • When obtained on this map, the Ray Gun seems to have electricity flowing through the front area of the gun (possibly as a sign that this weapon and the Wunderwaffe are powered in the same manner).
  • The phrase said by the Monkey Bomb ("Get ready for a surprise!") is a reference to the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall in which a bomb disguised as a fake head says the exact same line before detonating.
  • At the start of the game, it is possible to hear a voice similar to the voice reciting the coordinates in the radio message in Shi No Numa say "Warning. Power levels critical ...shutting ...down." getting deeper and more garbled up as it goes on.
  • It is suggested that Richtofen had previously worked in the factory, and may have even helped create the teleporters, as well as being confirmed to be one of the creators of the zombies (see quotes). This would make sense, as he also created the Wunderwaffe, which was created in the same factory.
  • This is the only map where you can use the Holy Pistol without cheats. To get it, the M1911 must be upgraded in the Pack-A-Punch machine (named the C-3000 B1AT CH35).
  • In the room with the Bowie Knife with the catwalk there is a Teddy bear paw printed in blood.
  • If you go down the catwalk there is a window to the left with flashing blue that you can see through the Barrier.
  • On the power switch, there is a lower arm just like the one from Verrückt.
  • Some of the zombies can be seen to do a "loose" version of the goose step, a march used by the Nazis.
  • The quote said by Dempsey when he kills a zombie with a flamethrower ("Everything burns!") is a reference to the 2008 film Dark Knight in which The Joker says the exact same line.
  • In the trailer, each one of the characters uses one of their nation's/country's weapons. For example, Dempsey uses an M1 Carbine, Nikolai uses a PPSh-41, Richtofen uses an STG-44, MP-40, and an MG42 and Takeo uses a Type 100, but he also uses the Browning M1919, an American weapon.
  • Behind the draw-bridge on the wall, there is the unfinished Hel(p) sign, which had previously been written on a door in Nacht Der Untoten
  • Help is written in other places, too, such as on the right side on the first floor behind the crematorium. There is another help written on the left passage to the original mystery box spawn.
  • When playing on this level, one's XBox Live Gamercard will list said person as 'Bathing in Nazi Zombie Blood.' This is almost certainly a reference to Richtofen's quote "I love to bathe naked... in your blood!" which he will randomly say after killing a zombie.
  • When you put the Colt M1911 in the Pack-a-Punch Machine and shoot it, you get pushed back like the Ray Gun.
  • If you look in the bottom left corner of the map of Der Riese that appears while the game is loading, there is a finger, and in the top right corner, there is an eyeball.
  • Grenades are a lot more powerful on this map than on any of the preceding maps, making it impossible to create a crawling zombie before round 4.
  • More often than not, the last zombie of each round will start to run as fast as possible, which was probably intended to make it harder to create a "crawler" for players to avoid while they re-stock and re-barricade unmolested.
  • Interestingly enough, the timer that appears when a teleporter link is initiated will always count down from 30 seconds - despite the announcer stating that "(the players) have 25 seconds to link to the mainframe". This is because by time the announcer gets to the time in his announcement it's down to 25.
  • There was going to be a perk-a-cola machine called Amm-O-Matic, but it was taken away at the last second.
  • On the moon, there is a red glowing spot. It may be a meteor containing Element 115 (like the one featured outside of the map in Shi No Numa).
  • In Teleporter Room Z-B, in the left of the large canisters, there is half a body visible. When using cheats, you can see that the other half of the body doesn't exist.
  • In the room where there is 1 brain stem and blackboard in the roof there is a note that reads "To faithful servant, The seed has been planted, observe and report, Maxis must not ino....... (found on youtube by computercod5)
  • In teleporter ZA occasionally you can hear a metal door slamming.
  • If you are only carrying the Colt M1911 when you upgrade it, you will receive a second, standard, M1911 in addition to the C-300 (upgraded Colt M1911).
  • It has been speculated that once you activate the fly trap, the game becomes harder.
  • Der Riese's loading map is full of question marks most lead to hidden notes yet some are yet to be discovered.
  • A closer inspection reveals that the clock actually says 2:15 not 1:15.
  • Apparently the players are fighting to clear Der Riese not to survive like the other Nazi zombies maps.This is evident by Tanks quote" let's get this done."
  • If everyone is quiet, you can hear what might be little kids singing. This noise happens to be near juggernog. This noise can be heard in Shi No Numa also. They can be heard at these websites:,
  • Element 115 on the actual Periodic Table of Elements refers to the element Ununpentium. It is placed as the heaviest member of group 15 (VA) although a sufficiently stable isotope is not known at this time that would allow chemical experiments to confirm its position. Also the actual element was discovered in 2004.

Glitches Edit

  • Occasionally during a Co-Op game if a player leaves the game the characters quotes will become mixed up with the players that left, such as Takeo saying "Someone is not sharing their ammo..." if Nikolai were to leave, and Takeo ran out of ammunition for his weapon afterward.
  • Multi-Weapon Glitch 1: You need to have two players and both head to any mystery box. Then one person downs himself on the left side of the mystery box by a grenade. The other player then opens the mystery box from the right side. When able to pick up the weapon you need to start reviving your downed teammate. When almost done reviving him double tap the "X" or "Square" button to pick up your gun and then you should have three guns.
  • Multi-Weapon Glitch 2: For this, you will need 5200 points, one or more betties, a non upgraded gun and the pack-a-punch to be open. First, you put your weapon into the pack a punch. While it is upgrading, run down and buy the kar off the wall (also works with the gewehr, but is more expensive). Then, run back to the pack a punch. As you get your betty out, take the gun from the pack a punch. You must do it just as your betty comes out. Too soon, and you will swap the kar for the gun. Too late, and the option to swap disappears. If you wish to upgrade another gun, simply get your betty out as you retrieve the gun from the pack-a-punch, as you did before. There is no need to buy the Kar, as you already have two weapons. This can only be used to achieve three guns.
  • Round skipping glitch: First open the right side of the factory and go into teleporter room B with one zombie left and at the teleporter jump into it and go prone while jumping. Then turn slowly around and don't move your character and kill the zombie and then the rounds should skip but dog rounds take longer and zombies nor dogs will spawn as long as YOU DON'T MOVE. (Only works on solo or with two people). This can only done by deleting patches, as it is now fixed.
  • (Solo Only) After dying on solo mode, if you keep rapidly pressing Triangle or Y right after you die until the game resets it self, you can play in Third-Person mode.
  • Dog Glitch: ( Dog Hole) By the catwalk in the small tunnel/cave there is a glitch on the right right side if facing the back wall run then jump and sit in the air and the dogs will not hit you unless move or don't shoot them. This is often referred to as the dog hole and by players and is easy to access if your catwalk camping.
  • Dog Glitch 2: Sometimes, although incredibly rare, if a hellhound is killed over a corpse of another dog, it won't be "dead" and continue to run even though it is dead. It disappears eventually but it is also the best way to look at a hellhound up close and moving, rather than dead and on the floor.
  • Also when someone leaves a private match sometimes the other players might hear the song when the game ends, while certain players might hear stuff like "Max Ammo" when the box is opened.
  • Can't Touch This Glitch: One player can stand at the door opening to the shotgun, standing to the extreme left of the door (when facing it). Another player must run to the other side of the same door and stand to the left (facing it) of it tucked in the corner. DO NOT open this door, otherwise this glitch will NOT work. When the round begins, zombies will run up to the main frame and look confused then run over towards opposite door. They will not touch you. Only bad thing about this glitch is the player standing closer to the shotgun area is vulnerable to zombies that come through the window directly in front of him. This glitch works best when both players have a PAP'd gun, Bouncing Betties, and some perks like Juggernog and Speed Cola. The player on the inside courtyard could have the Wunderwaffe. NOTE: Hellhounds are NOT affected by this glitch.
  • When a player is downed at the same time a "Max Ammo" is acquired, the downed player will be able to use grenades
  • Sometimes when another player receives the monkey bombs Nikolai will say " Use it wisely Tank " this has happened even when Tank did not get the monkey bombs - Confirmed with both Takeo and Dr. Richtofen.
  • Occasionally, a zombie will be stuck behind a barrier, and will behave as if it were already through it. It will run towards the player, and repeatedly swing. This can also happen with Hellhounds, but it is more rare, possibly because of the larger number of zombies in comparison.
  • this glitch can only happen if done perfectly right. 2 or more people are needed. make your way to the dog hole (underground tunnel by telly ZC. one person must have a PaPed mg the other has to have iether a paped flame thrower mg ray gun or wonderwaffe. one person gose into the room with the quic revive the other is in the far back of the corner by the hole just outside of the ZC room, the other person must be on the side closest to the other player next to the pillar where the hole is that u can fall thru. this will confuse the zombies and they will go to the ZC room and not the tunnel or the quick revive room the zombies comeing out of the window in the tunnel should be going away from the person in the tunnel if done right the only zombies that will attack any one will be the ones in the qr room wich is verry minimall. when ur ready just jump into the hole and let the zombes come when the round ends simpaly repeat. ive reached lvl 683 with this glitch only one problem is that it is very hard to leave crawlers
  • if you shoot a zombie with a raygun in the legs or the floor near the zombie it will also turn it into a crawler

Patch Edit

With the latest patch, some things in Der Riese were changed:

  • The sign for the hangar says Hangar instead of Automobile Garage.
  • Thunder can now be heard.

This patch, however, has been reversed. You can tell because the Hangar sign has gone back to saying Automobile Garage. Why the patch was reversed is unknown.